Can art competitions help you improve?


I’m debating whether to make something for the upcoming Spectrum contest. I know for a fact that I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning but it seems like this could be an opportunity to push myself wayyyyy beyond my comfort zone.

Have any of you had experiences with art contests when you first started out? Did they help or discourage you? Any tips?



Personally I feel that they are only helpful if what you plan to do for the contest will force you to learn and train in areas that you are weak in, thus giving you an excuse to work on obvious weaknesses you have. But you don’t need contests for that–you simply need to have an effective strategy that lists all of your weaknesses and then systematically study and train to eradicate them one by one.


Basically everytime you practice you get better, be it in a contest or studies for yourself, or client work, but don’t go join a contest that is way out of your league so much that you fall on the floor.