Can a one-handed man dream to be a professional 3D artist come true?



My dream since I was 10 years old that I would like to be a 3D artist.
I tried to work in the Maya, 3DS max, ZBrush & so on. However, I have one problem that made employers not to take my under their companies:

I am a one-handed person. I can’t use my whole right palm & fingers so I’m slower than the other internship members since I can’t press Ctrl, Alt & Shift while using the mouse at the same time.

So I am asking if there is a work around I can do so I can be accepted to work as graphics designer & Follow my dreams?


There are probably devices out there specifically designed to fit your needs that I’m unaware of - but my first thought was a gaming mouse. I currently use a Logitiech mouse designed for MMORPG-style games, but also use it for design work as well. It has about 15 unique, programmable buttons on the mouse. You can set different buttons on the mouse for the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys, press those buttons with your thumb and carry on with the mouse without ever needing the keyboard at all.


Good advice, you can look into the (disabled) gamers corner for help and advice like:
If they can play games that need near instant keyboard response you should be able to do 3D with one hand.

Good luck! :grinning:


Speed is important in a studio environment since there’s always some looming deadline., big or small. However, there are numerous fields and smaller environments that aren’t nearly as high pressure. I wouldn’t worry about being able to fit in or get the job done.

As far as accommodating your special needs, look into something like the Logitech G13 Gameboard. It’s a palm sized mini keyboard with 25 programmable buttons, 5 custom profiles, and a thumb stick. You could map all of your favorite keystrokes to whatever buttons you want and save yourself loads of time. I own one and love it. I’ve got profiles set up for poly modeling, animation, sculpting, and so on.

It’s very ergonomic and highly portable. The profiles get stored internally. You only need to install the Logitech software on the host system if you move it to a new PC. Best of all, it’s designed for left handed use, which works for you because of the issues with your right.

FWIW, I got mine mostly due to severe crippling pain due to repetitive stress. My hands got/get so bad sometimes that the fingers go numb, they swell, I lose range or motion and I get shooting pains throughout. Not cool. This helps.


I personally know someone that was born with one arm, and he is phenomenal artist and CG supervisor at a large/major VFX facility. So to answer if it is possible: yes :wink:

As far as I know, he doesn’t use any specialized equipment. Speed is important but that has much more to do with how much time/iterations/direction it takes to get a good result, not so much how fast you are with a keyboard and mouse. Training your eye is vastly more important than training your hands.


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Check out the ‘Stinkyboard’, it’s a foot board designed for gamers but you can map any hotkeys to it. I use it for ALT in Maya to take strain off my wrists.


Just do it :ballot_box_with_check:
Really, there is nothing impossible for people who just want do