Camera Projection Problem Maya/Nuke


Hey guys,

I’m having a bit of a problem and I was wondering if someone could share some expertise to help me out with this problem.

So, long story short. I had transformed the projection camera with a Axis Node in Nuke and now I’m not getting the same results of its new position in maya when I enter the same values on a group transform with the projection camera inside.

Could anyone shed a light on this?

Kind Regards,
Luiz Antonio Cavalcante


Olá louiscavalcante,

Cameras inside a group in maya are just crazy. They never worked for me on both ways (from maya to nuke / nuke to maya)… I always need to freeze transformations, remove it from the group, delete history and then export.

Of course I don’t know exactly what’s your set up, but maybe try to avoid groups. Link your camera to an empty or object, and then add the transform values on it.
Hope it works




Oi norbertoidiart,

Thank you for the tip, but it didn’t work for me.

I found a solution using this script:

It will make an axis behave like just a dolly and the camera will be a nodal camera, then you export the axis and the camera out of Nuke, import it in Maya and parent the camera to the axis (dolly).

The tracked/animated information of rotation stays in the camera and the translation goes to the axis node. This method leaves the transform from the camera empty so you can adjust in Nuke where you want the projection to be, translating it perfectly to Maya when you import the translated camera.

Kind Regards,
Luiz Antonio Cavalcante


nice script !


I had problems with FBX data coming across from Cinema 4d into NukeX, so it is not just a maya problem. In the end I created a null object copying the data from the camera position in the shot. Copied that across to NukeX and with a lot of stress matched the camera shot and position with the null object. I used a cube as the null itself. Later I found out that FBX version was out of date so had to get a standalone plugin to export camera data out for future work.


I can’t be sure without seeing, but often if you are rotating the camera, the pivot being in a different place when applying your Maya transforms will cause misalignment. You can use World Matrix values in Nuke to get around this problem, although it looks like you found a solution anyway.