Camera Import From Other App


Hey, first post. Short story long, I need a flawless way to import a camera from Blender into Lightwave. I found a post that suggested using the Nuke .chan format, and that worked great, except that the camera in Lightwave is rotated 90 degrees when you look at it from the top. I poked around and found the graph editor and it looks like there could be an expression to flip the one axis, but as I’m a Blender user, I don’t know what that expression would be, or if this is even the right way to try to solve the problem of getting camera animation from one software into another.

How it should be

How it came in

Any ideas on this?


well, flawless… thats maybe a bit too much demanded… :wink:
Anyway there are rather easy ways to manipulate the keys once you have them in front of you in the graph editor. There are numeric ways to offset them, shift them after drag selecting all relevant keys, tons of ways for doing this, plus of course using an expression. It might be best to look it up in the manual - easy enough to search through the *.pdf I guess…

Anyway, you could try alembic or good old *.fbx (preferably v2014) - in most cases it will get you there without too many flaws.
I do not know nuke.chan really but I take it also gets you baked curves of keys, just like the two I mentioned. (It seems you had images attached to your post but they don´t show, at least for me…) So why not give one of them a try.

On another note: if you want to dig deeper and need assistance you could try:

it´s a lot more lively place with many very helpful people around…