Camera DOF Animation


Hi guys,

I’m creating an animation with objects slowly flying towards the camera, coming out of the DOF to a sharp focus. My issue is no matter how slow I make the objects fly towards the camera, it doesn’t happen smoothly, and kindly of pops in all of a sudden like popcorn, please see reference below. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


Nothing coming in focus so clipping isn’t only issue?
And speed shouldn’t have anything with DOF.


Things come in focus, the issue as i mentioned is that they dont blend in nicely once the camera detects the objects coming in focus, they kind of pop in vs being a smooth transition from no objects to objects.


Are we talking about same video? One from your link?

Anyway, you could provide some info on DOF settings, screenshots from Max would be nice…

Although that thing should be done post rendering, there are some things that should be set in similar way.


Sorry, I can´t see anything come into focus neither…
but it´s definitely an interesting topic, since I had similar problems, too.
please, provide a representative clip and some additional info , so we can reproduce the issue.


Yes same video, the issue isnt about objects coming in to focus, ive cut the video to focus on the problem I am talking about, which is when the objects travel towards the camera, and you start to see them at the very start of the DOF, they kind of pop in vs smoothly transitioning in. Thats what im having a hard time fixing.

I’ve attached a sample scene I hope that helps. You will notice the aperture is very low because i wanted to have that fog effect of shapes coming in to focus for a short time before going out of focus again.

Thanks for your help!

Camera DOF.max (41.0 MB)