C4DFreelancers.com to close


Hey gang - just a bit of notice, I’m winding up c4dfreelancers, the freelancer directory for Cinema users.

Back when I began the site it was quite difficult for producers to find C4D users, the market was pretty young and a lot of the basic skills freelancers tout didn’t even have names yet. The same dozen freelancers were being fought over by desperate producers, and there was a serious disconnect between the talented freelancers available and the studios desperate to book them.

In these happier days there’s dozens of ways to link up to all sorts of global artists and finding good people isn’t quite the challenge it used to be.


I’m optimistic that the site was useful at the time though, I’ve certainly made some great connections through it and had the opportunity to witness the meteoric rise of Cinema from niche designer’s tool to the behemoth it is today – so big thanks everyone who could get involved!

It’ll stay up for a week or two if anyone wants to check out some seriously talented C4Ders.

Cheers - Chris


Thanks so much for your efforts here, Chris! Good client told me they found me on this list.
Hey, is that Donate button still working on the site? I want to send a little appreciation your way.


Great stuff, thanks for letting me know Arik, happy to help. Donate button still works I think but no stress. It was back in 2011 you signed up, you were #8 I think!


one hell of a talent list !


Thanks for setting this up and running it all these years Chris.