C4d Wrap deformer un-aligns mesh



I have a plane with a tree, which I have wrapped in a Wrap deformer to form a cylinder. But I’m getting unwanted deformation along the vertical lines near the tree, where the points also appear much thicker that the rest of the surface.

I have tried Spline Wrap and Bend, but they add the same deformation. How can I fix this?

Subdivided mesh:

Top view:

This is my settings for the wrap deformer:


Before I give any suggestion, could you tell me what the end goal of this object is? Roughly.


I’m making a packaging box with a bottom with room for a product… After experimenting a bit more I solved it somewhat by adding more vertical lines, though it is not completely flat.


Can’t you do that with a texture if it has to be flat?


I would agree with EricM on this, I would tackle this with texturing vs actually modeling the details in, unless of course, you need to have the details modeled in for some particular reason(i.e. the shape of the actual object needs to have the “design” as a part of it). Otherwise, I would simply model the box or packaging and use UVing to correctly texture the object.


I’m not sure what’s wrong on your end, I tested here and it works fine.
do you have a file to share?


Could it possibly be a falloff setting? Are you using “infinite” or are you using a specific falloff type for any particular reason?