C4D Saving is Obscenely Slow Over Network


So we are on 10gbps ethernet connected to a RAID of SSD’s on a server running Windows Server 2016 Enterprise. The server and client both have NIC’s that support RDMA and are crazy fast with pretty much everything, EXCEPT C4D saving files.

A 2.5 gb C4D file takes like 5 minutes to save. The network activity indicates that it is using like 6 mbps to save this.

The same save to a normal drive occurs in seconds. Copying the file over the network is instantaneous.

This is so so so frustrating, especially because this problem has been around (and was reported by me when I was on the beta) many many version ago.

When I brought this up before, I was kind of brushed off because I was on an older version of Windows Server, but we are on very fast, very up to date hardware and software now.

Has anyone else experienced this? It has been this way across different machines, different versions of windows etc.

This is a Win 10 Pro Workstation machine to a Win Server 2016 Enterprise machine.


Yes. Had this issue on and off since… forever.

Occasionally we’ll hit really slow save times, like 25 minutes for a 2gig file. Have spoken to an IT professional thinking it was the network but transferring any file is as fast as expected.


I deal with it frequently.


Has anyone had any luck contacting Maxon about it? Again, I tried but was brushed off.


If you can turn off file locking on the server, this may help.


As a workaround for this, I’ve gotten into the habit of saving locally and having the project folder sync to the server in the background using a tool like Synkron.