C4D R25 ... Alembic Animated object



I have a animate object with alembic file, i like to add somme new objects, but i want that the new object follow(have the same movement/animation) as the animated object with alembic… Is that possible?

In advance thank’s you


You could use a parent or PSR constraint.


I try with parent, but new object don’t move…


I try with psr constraint actually but i don’t have any result… can you explain more? Alembic file come from houdine 18

In advance thank you


I used constraint, it’s ok for object animated in C4D… but i tried a lot of combination with constraint, parent… etc… with alembic file but the c4D object don’t follow the alembic animation …:triumph:


I use this and it work’s perfect

-Import the alembic file.
-Use a cloner with spheres or whatever, distributed over the alembic object in whatever number and way suits your needs (vertices, surface, etc).
-Left click on the cloner, bake as alembic.
-Every cloned object now has transform data. Use a constraint tag