C4D R21 New pricing poll


But that doesnt have anything to do with R21 being on sub… and the free student version still exist according to


perhaps it was a poor miscomunication between maxon and the univeristy ?

Do they teach Maya as well ?


Not surprised at this. Came to the conclusion last week that this was going to run along the lines of Adobe II. You subscribe or you can’t stay.

So Moving on…


there is a free student version, but the students are not allowed to install it on the university computers.
If the university wants to give regular courses they can apply for a free Version (there are other requirements too, but the reliable commitment to offer the course every semester is one of them) If the University wants to test first if a course like that is benificial for their students, they have to pay some hundred bucks per seat. With something between 20 and 30 Students that is a couple of thousand Bucks. They basically have to pay some thousand bucks to be able to test if they want to integrate a regular course into there Portfolio. Then they can apply for a free version.
And yes, this has nothing to do with R21.


Haha. They are mad.


That’s some sort of misunderstanding. We’ll have upgrade pricing for perpetual releases.

What is true is that R21 Perpetual will always be R21 perpetual - it won’t include future releases. But that’s the way it’s always been.

We’ve emailed the GSG guys to clarify and get it corrected on their site.


What I’d read somewhere last week is that the upgrades would be in the $900-$1000 range. Not attractive.


My 2 year MSA was £1,188.00 including tax which was paid last year to cover R20 and R21 Studio. Let’s wait and see what the “upgrade” prices are now.


here in USA, to go from Prime to R21 is cost of MSA $278 (including tax now) if you have to buy Prime and the MSA I would consider going a different route unless you are dead set on learning/using C4D. Blender is a good one to look at.


Once they have you in the stranglehold of the subscription, the prices will be increased appropriately. And now they’re also grab the margin of the former retailers.

The times when you could trust Maxon are over.

See you on Blender forums! ):rofl:


A word of warning, in truth.

Blender is darkly seductive. You tell yourself, "I’ll play for a few minutes. When you look at a clock…you’ve burned two hours! Damn! How did that happen? I need to be cleaning the house!

Careful! Mind your responsibilities!

You get near the edge of pool and gaze in…then a slip and you are altogether wet…now swimming here and there…and plunging…compelled to go deeper.

Discovering the water warm, the eye-candy at pool-side…and in the waters… all-too-voluptuous…you want to stay…longer. A bit dizzy, almost intoxicated…you decide to go deeper. Who needs a break… to breathe, you say. Brother You are Lost.

Yes…a techno femme fatale. May be free…could cost you everything.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Definitely glad to hear that. It’s since been corrected. Seemed plausible because a) it was GSG and didn’t think it likely they’d have bad info / that they’d be assuming stuff vs. getting it from MAXON, and b) I’ve seen other companies do stuff like that.

So that’s great. I truly did laugh when I read that because it was [so far afield from what I expected] that I couldn’t believe it (e.g. expected an upgrade price of ~ $750 or and a skipped version cost somewhere south of $1500, which would be pretty consistent with the old system minus Cineversity).

I hope that’s what the powers that be decide. Anything resembling GSGs erroneous number would be… bad. Rick do you think that will be something posted before EOY, maybe on the blog?


If I were a studio with multiple seats and variable needs, I’d probably embrace the new pricing scheme a lot more.

I would keep only one perpetual licence (for safety/archives) and rent all the rest, easily moving the licenses from one workstation to the next or even ramping up or down the number of seats as needed. “Best of both worlds”

It just so happens that I only need one seat and that this licence hence needs to be the perpetual one. I already archived an R19 installer, just in case, as this is the last release able to open older files.

Thankfully, for R21 that’ll still be possible. But I’m worried about R22…