C4D R21 New pricing poll


JRR Tolkien:

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Indeed people can bang on about GIMP ,Krita, etc
But we all know the Adobe suite still has no true alternatives at the
PROfessional 2D level of this industry.

Sadly ,Once you step outside of Motion graphics and Arch/product vis
and the frankly myopic comfort bubble mentality of the core faithful,
Then C4D fails in many major areas against many programs in term of price and native abilities.( VFX,Character animation etc)


Fully agree. The 3D market is atomized with many compelling alternatives (Houdini, Modo, Zbrush, Maya, Max, blender etc), as opposed to Adobe’s quasi monopoly on graphic design suites. The price drops that AD just performed on Maya/Max licenses make competition fiercer than ever. It is a typical market configuration for mergers and acquisitions.

Maxon’s decision may therefore have a much bigger substitution effect than Adobe’s.


right now just in this poll - thats 54 not paying for the next version. Multiplied by 720€ thats 38.880,–€.

77% not renewing.

and all this just because Maxon dropped the MSA!
with ongoing MSA they could have also offered a subscription and no one would have complained. And they would not have earned any less money. Good for old and new customers.
I just don’t understand this strategy.


I actually don’t know what to answer to this poll…

I’ll probably get R21 perpetual with my MSA and THEN wait and see… while learning other stuff on the side.


Clicked ‘wait and see’ but will probably sign up to a subscription based on the 20% two-year offer – unless I can get a new MSA (mine runs out in about five days’ time).


Also in the “wait and see” camp is to wait and see if Maxon will offer a better deal to existing Studio owners. The current 20%/2 year deal doesn’t go far enough.


To be realistic, 38880€ is not even a full developer seat (and probably just a hiccup for a CEO salary). Nor is this forum in any way representative.

Surely Maxon hopes to offset these losses by the price increase sooner or later, and to get everyone on board who currently doesn’t subscribe.


And new eventual new subscribers… maybe they have many schools that will “breed” the new generation of C4D’s with a culture that accepts renting instead of owning.

Nevertheless strategically C4D is in a bad place comparatively. it is late to the party of revamping the core - Maya first and then Max later made it first. It has a sunk cost of having to develop Pro Render, Autodesk came with Arnold and they don’t need to waste resources with anything related to render. That is already an advantage of several coders and/or profits. I just hope that Apple gave them a big fat check to develop for Metal with insurance against Apple moddy swings.


I don’t have an active c4d cafe account to post the poll link there “idk if they even accept external links”.

I have posted the link in the c4d reddit forum.

idk of other c4d forums, but the more artists to add their votes the bigger and clearer the picture will become.


@Ryusaki You stopped using it 3 years ago, yet you read this forum and comment on a poll about the pricing? I wish I had your free time.


As a new C4D user I was about to buy Prime+MSA, but I’m not sure what to do now.

A yearly subscription is above my budget. I could still buy Prime R20, but I was looking forward to using the new node editor with 3rd party renderers.

Question for other prime users: Are the update prices from R20>R21 known yet?


Ask your reseller for the conditions of an R20 with MSA. The MSA will give you the R21 Perpetual, if it’s still available. Buying a Prime and getting a Studio is certainly a good deal, if you don’t want to subscribe or upgrade :wink:

Beware however: there is no guarantee that the R21 nodes will be supported immediately by 3rd party renderers; if they start working only in R22, then you’d need to upgrade, and the upgrades will be more expensive than the subscription.


That would be a good deal indeed, but the Maxon FAQ states:

Blockquote New Maxon Service Agreements are no longer available as of July 30, 2019

They were also removed from the Maxon shop.

So I will try, but my hopes are not high…


That’s because of the Siggraph and all the new stuff released. I like to get an overview of what’s new and how people in all kinds of disciplines/industries think about it at this time of the year.


Darn. I thought I had seen an offer for BodyPaint plus MSA just yesterday. But the seller might not have updated their website, or there are differences in regions.

Ah well. I suppose then you’re priced out of the game. Subscription would be more than seven hundred, for a perpetual upgrade 20 to 21 I seem to remember even higher prices. New R21 is well past 3000€ here.


True, but even if just lets say 25% of former MSA customers think about making a pause thats a lot of money. And the only reason they loose this money is because they quit MSA! That is just stupid. They had the money stream already save and give it away.


This summer gave a 3D course at a university. Every second of my Students already had contact with Blender. No one with cinema. Maxon wanted some thousand bucks from the university to be allowed to install cinema on their computers.

I think, considering the improved UI, students in a lot of places in future will be told Blender.


Thanks for feedback Jops.


Holy forking shirtballs.

I had to come back one more time to post this gem, which I’m quoting from GSG, after they spoke with MAXON about the new licensing scheme.

…if you want to purchase a perpetual license, you still have the ability to do so. What does that mean? If you purchase a Cinema 4D R21 perpetual license, you will have lifelong access to R21 (you won’t lose Cinema 4D if you unsubscribe from the subscription service.)

That said, a perpetual license does not include future releases, so if you want R22 next year, you would need to buy a new $3,000+ perpetual license. So if you plan on staying up to date with the latest version, the subscription service does make the most sense if you plan to continually update the software.

THAT"s your new upgrade program, MAXON??

You think it’s reasonable to charge perpetual license holders one more normal MSA cost and after that… $3000+ effing dollars to get the next version?

:rofl: :sweat_smile:

Shit I hope that’s not true but if it is, that’s so bad it’s hilarious. I ain’t even mad. Why stop there? Why not charge $30,000? You’d get about the same number of takers from the existing perpetual license pool. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


I seriously can’t believe I just read that. And if it were from anyone other than GSG, which has close ties to MAXON PR and Marketing I’m certain, I might question the accuracy. Here again big studio budget places won’t care but wow. $3000 is not an upgrade fee; it’s extortion. :wink:

Carry on brethren. Whatever you decide, may the pixels be with you.