C4D R21 New pricing poll


Here is a poll to try and figure out what artists are willing to do after the R21 new pricing.

  • Pay Subscription R21.
  • Pay Perpetual R21.
  • Stick with R1x-R20.
  • Wait and see.
  • Drop C4D and learn something else.

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R21 in one month...we'll know
R21 in one month...we'll know

You might want to combine “Stick with R1x-R20” and “wait and see”

“Stick with R1x-R20 now, upgrade later if offered at reasonable cost” or something like that. I think most people sticking with their existing license, are in wait-and-see mode. Like there’s no chance I’m paying for R21 because it’s not an impressive release by any reasonable definition or standard to date.

But that doesn’t mean I am going to walk away forever. If MAXON takes a fair approach and continues to offer a reasonable perpetual upgrade cost tier, even without Cineversity, I’d almost certainly continue to upgrade based on release quality. This is the way it’s always been for many MAXON users. Great release? Take my money! Release is meh or just isn’t focused on the features I care about most? Take a little more of my money a year from now.

If they take that away, that’s when MAXON will have earned my last dollar. Unfortunately, and conspicuously, this is the one question they haven’t addressed on their web site. Unless they updated it the last couple days. There’s some blurb that they’ll let you do MSA one more time before Sept 1, but that’s it. No Upgrade prices listed on the store, no direct comments about upgrade plans.


I kept those two options separate because there are those “new” users who have no previous C4D version to “stick” to, so they have the option to “wait and see” before paying for R21 or learning something else.

I tried to represent as many different kind of artists as possible.


There are more combinations possible. I’m going to wait and see but I’m learning something else too (not dropping C4D). As I have a valid MSA I’m going to get the R21 anyway so I’m not paying for that either but I may use it. And as I want a version that doesn’t phone home as fallback, I’m also keeping my R19 installation.


At work we will continue to pay (because is not my money). But my personal copy will stay in 20 while I use Blender which I love to.


My copy of R20 will be going up for sale in a couple of days. I can see where this subscription rot is going. So after a long long time playing with C4D I’m out.


Dropped it 3 years ago and never looked back.
C4d is such a walled garden and it stopped me from progressing forward. I had to break free from it and it was like an rite of passage. I felt intimidated by other DCC’s, only C4d felt like home. Not anymore.


Our of curiosity, what DCC are you using now?


People jumping ship over this are seriously overreacting, IMO.


I seriously don’t think you get it.


Remains to be seen and depends on the reason. Jumping ship because of features missing is over-reacting (and happens some every year). Jumping ship because they offer subscriptions while still offering Perpetual may be somewhat over-reacting but understandable in some situations. Waiting and seeing what they do next and jumping ship if they do the wrong thing is not over-reacting at all. I think most people will be some form of “wait and see.”


I’ve taken years to come to this point in C4Ds career path and this Subscription option is a sign that Maxon and myself are going in opposite directions now. It’s taken me a long time to come to the point where i’m jacking it in. So not over reacting here. I’ve seen the light and it’s not a C4D lamp.
I’ve been waiting and seeing for ages now. I’ve waited and not seen, so I’m off. While I’m waiting my copy of C4D is depreciating and I’d rather grab the money and invest in something else.


Blinny…subscriptions will be the only game moving forward.

R21 is a modest upgrade, but will break plugins–which are hugely valuable to some of us, certainly for me. Over time some plugins will get fixed, but I suspect there will understandably be a charge to upgrade them. That’s just more sunk cost.

Why invest in R21? And there is no road beyond that for perpetual licenses.


All everyone has to do is look at the new versions on offer. Just one, Studio. If that doesn’t signal to you that it’s Subscription all the way very soon, then I don’t know what to say. There is one version of C4D because that is going to the only version needed for subscriptions. Now that we have subscriptions why would Maxon need to sell perpetual licenses? It will be like Adobe everyone will have to subscribe or learn Blender.


I am currently using Blender, but i also learned to use Maya since then.


I don’t know what the facts/numbers are but I was under the impression that AutoDesk/Maya was a similar or even more expensive and less forgiving than the C4D licensing situation.

Is it better? If not it really makes no sense to jump to Maya due to the C4D changes.

And if you can’t stomach renting software you might want to find a career that does not use software, as it will all be that way very soon. Or use Blender.


It is a growing trend in some circles but 90% of creative apps can be purchased with a perpetual license. The heavy dollar stuff is now mostly subscription.

Some companies do it like Insydium where after a year you lose the ability to get updates or support. But the software doesn’t get bricked. You can still open your art and edit away.

Anyways, no worry here. Blender is quite good now and it’s growing faster than the other guys.


The only good of Maxon 2019 s indeed the renting cost - not for broadcast, prime users forced to pay what Studio MSA paid - which for now quite below Max and Maya. But Maya now and later Max will come with Bifrost and that might be a sea change if Autodesk can play well with and in practice it is confirmed to be well designed.


To be clear when I said a lot of people will be “wait and see,” I meant do nothing with R21, then wait and see what happens next. :slight_smile:

There are three big things people will look for in the next 1-2 years:

  1. Whether at some mid-point in the next 12 months they release a substantial update to R21. If they don’t even the sub value is poor.

  2. Whether between now and next August they release clear cut perpetual upgrade tiers (i.e. one version = $799 or whatever it is, two versions = $1199, three versions is full price, etc).

  3. Whether at some point they make an excuse why they had to go sub-only.

Any of those three things go wrong, R20 will be the last version I purchased. Can’t speak for anyone else but I suspect I won’t be the only one. That said, it would be really really easy for MAXON to check all of those boxes the right way, and keep people like me aboard. So I hope they do. I’ll be checking out of here soon for a while to watch and see.

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I read an article this weekend about Adobe and the history of them moving to forced-subscriptions.

Adobe’s revenues were down that year (2013) and flat the next. But over time they have profited and been able to scale back considerably on software development costs. (no urgency to improve products)

Aside from the morality of it, some companies certainly profit doing this. My predictions don’t mean much but I think there’s a real chance this will go side-ways or backwards. Maxon has a lot of 35-65 year old male customers and I don’t think that demographic is particularly friendly to these kinds of terms. It will be tougher for Maxon than for Adobe.

On top of it, Adobe never had to face the likes of Blender, Houdini, Autodesk, etc. They had dramatic technological superiority when they switched over to subs-only.