C4D R19: change local license to license server


Hi guys,

I’m working as an IT admin at a high school with about 3500 clients. Now, in 2 classrooms, they are using Cinema 4D R19 with a local license. That means they entered a serial number, instead of a license server.

We also have a license server with a 196-seat license. Is there any way i change from local license to server license without having to uninstall C4D R19 and install again? Because i know you need to enter the license server information in the installation of C4D R19. But that takes time, offcourse. I already looked for something like license.ini, but can’t find anything.

Thanks so much for helping me out!


Maxon support can help you with this. Since there are two different kinds of network licenses the approach can be very different. If you use the Maxon license server (not RLM), it should be easy to do this by adding the connection information for the license server to the local Cinema installation (license.ini file). If such a license.ini file is found the local licensing is ignored and the server is used. Maybe check the license server documentation on this, it should help you as well.
Edit: Check here on how the license.ini file needs to be set up https://help.maxon.net/us/#1102