C4D + Octane + X-Particles: Linear gradient across range of xp trails


Hi, fellow C4D users! This is probably a very beginner level issue, but I just can’t find a solution for Octane Renderer users, such as myself.

So, here’s the thing: say, I’ve generated a 1000 particles via X-particles and made them track their trails. Then, I put an Octane Object Tag on xpTrail and check “Render as Hair” box. After that, I impose a simple Glossy Material with two-color gradient on xpTrail and that’s where the problems begin… For some reason, system splits my range of trails into 10 parts and repeats gradient across them again and again.

Why is that happening? I want my gradient to start at the very left spline (#1) and end on the very right spline (#1000). It is supposed to be an uninterrupted gradient covering this entire array of splines.

Can anyone help me with that?


Hi Tom, can you kindly share the error log screenshot if possible.

Russel P. Halpern


It looks like that: