C4D Library import is not keeping materials



I recently bought a materials library (http://www.renderking.it/product/vray-texture-pack-v2/). I installed the library into browser and can get them to show up in the content browser. However, if I try to use them or press update texture link they become white and unusable. I’m very new to C4D, having coming over from Keyshot, so I’d appreciate any help!


Do you have v-ray? They won’t work otherwise.


Would they work with octane if I also have vray installed or are they mutually exclusive and you can’t interchange them?


Mutually exclusive. Each external render engine (Vray, Arnold, Redshift, Octane, Corona, Cycles, and more - the list keeps growing) has their own custom materials that don’t work with the others.

Some engines (like Vray) can render a standard C4D material to some degree (though not in an ideal fashion), whereas other engines can’t render standard materials at all.


Ahh I see. I did a quick search and found that vray doesn’t support c4d r19 yet?


3.4 does not but I believe 3.5 and 3.6 do support r19


Yes, I’m using Vray 3.6 with R19. The latest build from a couple weeks ago has been my most stable experience with Vray since R17.