C4d files in Unreal 4.25.1? No datasmith?


Can’t find any info but is there a way to get c4d files into Unreal 4.25.1? The datasmith plugin seems to not be in it. Can’t find any relevant info. Anyone know?


Have you enabled the Datasmith plugins within Unreal and restarted? If not, this is a quick tutorial (for 4.24, but should work for 4.25.1) on what to do:


EDIT: You were right, had to search for it in Plugins. Thanks!


Does the Datasmith plugin work on OSX yet?


On Windows now, so I don’t know. Sorry. :P.


Should do with C4D as of v4.24: https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Content/Importing/Datasmith/Platforms/index.html