C4D crashes on alembic import because of UVs [wordaround found]


So I made good progress on my big project today - a nice animated clothing for my main char, made in Marvelous Designer.

The exported alembic file is around 2.5 Gbyte for 240 frames of animated clothing.
When opening or merging the file in C4D, both S22 and R23 crash instantly.

What I tried:

  • FBX (does not show animation at all)

  • OBJ sequence (canceled that one, as each frame was almost 200 Mbyte)

  • Lower the simulation settings in MD signifcantly, but that resultet only in a 50 Mbyte lowering of the alembic

  • I looked around for alternative ways to get the animation data into c4d (pc2, maya cache), but there seem to be no tools for the newer C4D-Versions around

Since I plan to simulate a lot of sequences in MD, I’d much prefer to have the versatility of the alembic-file-referencing in C4D.

Do you guys have any idea how to lower the file size or get C4D to read the file?

Thanks in advance!


Yeah ok, I figured it out in the minute after I posted this :smile:
I deselected the import-options

  • cameras
  • visibility
  • normals
  • UVs

… and now it loads the alembic, and with better performance than I hoped.
Will we get those wasted hours back in CG-Heaven? :sweat_smile:


Ok, the UVs are the culprit. As soon as I import those, crash again.
Unfortunately, to assign materials in C4D, I need those UVs.
At least, the problem is now more focused.
Anyone got an idea?

Best practice for big projects?

I think I found a workaround at least.

In MD:

  • Export Animation as Alembic Ogawa
  • Export Still as OBJ with UVs and Selections

In C4D

  • Import Alembic with animation, but without UVs
  • Import OBJ, copy UV-Tag and Selection-Tags on the alembic to assign materials.

I just hope, that I can keep this alembic-setup and just
cycle through the exported animation scenes without
having to do all those steps again and again.