C4d > After Effects > Trapcode Particular : 3d object issues


Hey All,

I’ve been trying to bring in a simple 3d model to align with my scene in After Effects.
I want the object to emit particles in Trapcode Particular.

However, AE and Particular don’t want to play ball when I import my .Obj file, exported from C4d.

I can’t seem to get my 3d object to align to the 3d camera space in AE.

My scene imports fine (I use an .aec file) with animated camera etc.
I’ve also tried Cineware but I find it a bit buggy.

Basically, I can’t align my 3d object to the exported null position in AE to match the 3d scene from C4d!
Does anyone know of a tutorial that goes through the steps? I’ve searched with no luck.