BVH Problems



I checked out many BVH Files and all of them aren’t correct loaded in Messiah4.
Is there a known problem? All files loaded in Lightwave properly… so I think there is
a bug in Messiah Importer…

Could someone confirm ?

Thanks a lot


I think I have seen similar cases mentioned in the forum. If you search the forum you might get some hits for this issue. As far as I remember the bvh loader was not interpreting some angles properly.


Check this thread, there’s a great tute on BVH files in Messiah




thanks for your tips… I hope that PMG will fix this importer, I wrote an email
to techsupport.

another way wich is working, to first load the BVH File in Lightwave and import the .lws (V6.0) in Messiah…
But I still hope for a fix, because it’s an important feature to handle bvh files…

Greets Tom


There is a whole new BVH plugin that you should try out.,33.0.html


Hi Wegg,

yes thanks, I found this plugin a few days ago and it’s the rescue…
thanks to Christopher for this work…

But for complete, I hope PMG will fix their importer too…

Greets Tom


Agreed. This should have been fixed by PMG.


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