button constraints and MEL


Hello all. I am trying to create a script for Maya 7.0 that adds an array of sequins to a syflex cloth. I can of course add sequins one by one through clicking “syflex|constraints|create button”, but I’d like to automate this. There does not seem to be a MEL script command for this and I don’t see it mentioned in the syflex docs.

Anyone have any idea how to solve this? Each sequin is meant to be an individual button so they move independently of each other but attached to the cloth.

Thanks all in advance!



Ok, evidently no one had the answer, but I figured it out. There is a hidden, undocumented syflex command called syCreateButton which I discovered by going onto the Maya script editor and turning on “Script|Echo All Commands”.

The above is a test image, still very much a work in progress, of a chainmail cloth created using a script that uses button constraints to attach rings to a syflex cloth. I was inspired by Max Kor’s “The Final Battle”.


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