Butterworth curve filter for Max



Does anyone know if there’s a Butterworth filter for animation curves in Max like this one here for Maya?

It was a HUGE time saver for me in Maya when working with baked animation data. Max’s Smooth Curve function is kind of a joke, usually does more damage than it does help.

Has anyone ported this over to Max or know of any scripts similar? I’ve searched but haven’t found anything for animation curves.




maybe I can help.
I just saw a post on facebook about this exact same tool : https://www.facebook.com/groups/stackthis/permalink/1314528168893676/
was it from you ?

anyway, as I saw this, I thought maybe I should try it, and I think I have a good start,
so I wonder if you wanted to try it and give me some feedback as you know exactly what to expect from it


Nope, that wasn’t me. But that’s exactly what I’m talking about! Let me know if you make any progress with it, it’s still something I wish I had on a near daily basis.



Thank you!