Bump showing in viewport but not in Arnold render


I have a grayscale bump texture going into a bump node and then into the Normal slot of the Arnold Standard Surface shader. For some reason it will only show in the viewport and not when I render. I have tried changing between srgb and raw for the texture, I have tried extreme values for the bump amount. The bump node is set to Bump. I have also tried both Maya and Arnold’s 2d bump nodes, Im at a loss. This is for a human face on a character and for some reason if I check the Thin Geometry box it will render the bump but it greatly darkens the entire face. I also tried using a normal map setting the bump node to tangent space normals as well as enabling export tangents on the geometry but it had the same result. Any ideas? :confused:


Still stuck on this if anyone can help :confused:


Have you tried aiBump node instead of maya’s standart bump nodes??


Share your texture so that we can help better. Or you can download one of our free shaders here (Aluminum_149918) and compare it to your shader.