Bruce Stroia - #Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


@insane - Thanks! For the ice skater, I tried to figure out the most stripped down elements to make the idea work. Her pose was most important… but the glowing really gave it life.

Day 18 - Scarf


nice artworks man! I love to concept of ice skating!


I like the sculpted scarf.
And also the Gremlin.:applause:


The idea behing the ice skating piece is brilliant. I could see a short film with ice skaters with that kind of visuals.
Would be really artistic, charming and beautiful ! :eek:


Thanks guys!!!

Days 19/20 - Reindeer


Great stuff man! Loved this grey scale image with the reindeers


Days 20-23 - Snow

Challenged myself to not hide behind brush strokes.


Very cool stuff man! Wish you the best and hope to see more of our work in 2018. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! :smiley:


Thanks man… I really need to get more finished work done. That’s why I took this challenge. Would spend MONTHS on something and never finish. After gaining some speed and quality through doing this everyday, I’m feeling much more confident and inspired!

So here is a tree asset I made for that last one, if anyone was interested-


Day 24 - Santa