Bruce Stroia - #Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


That - is - wonderful…
Completely nailed it. Great praying pose, with that peaceful yet focused expression. Lighting is perfect. Calm. Solemnity. Damn.

I’m speechless :eek:
(I had a little bit of a moment there)


Wow! Thank you Lammakian!


Day 10 - Frost


Spaseship? I like it :slight_smile:
I also like the one with the dead aliens. It almost has that classical feel to it.


Thanks LadyM. Ya that dead aliens one is heavily inspired by my favorite Twilight Zone episode… which has a martian saucer that lands in a pond. They didn’t actually show it so I thought it’d be interesting to make something like that.

This spaceship painting tho…I don’t like it :frowning: Stayed up all night and still couldn’t pull it together.

It’s actually… supposed to be a huge abandoned scifi power structure. Was thinking something like Chernobyl covered in frost. Unfortunately it’s a very unclear design and even worse… and to make this worse, that is supposed to be a city underneath it! (See why I don’t like it?)

I kept fighting back and forth between wrapping my head around scale (complete failure) …and making sense of those shitty god awful sky arch things.

Oh well. Here is one without the ground snow to maybe see what I mean:

Failed hard with this one.


Aw stunning work.
The dead aliens make me really sad. It could be also a crashed car :frowning:


The variety of the works you’re creating is really interesting.
I do think the Power plant picture makes more sense when you can see some more of the ground and I think it still looks abandoned and frozen over so rather effective.


I don’t agree with you infinitedivide! Its not a complete failure.
Its not exactly what you wanted, but still amazing work and we can see the scale of things perfectly :slight_smile:


Very special images, which make the theme of winter well, I like Candle very much.:slight_smile:


Your images have a great atmosphere to them. Spooky, surreal and very alien. I love it!


I appreciate the kind words of support from everyone!

Tried to finish this next one in a day but my stupid body shut down.

Still want to add shattered glass chunks in those empty looking windows and maybe some falling snow? I’m just glad this image didn’t cause me endless problems like that last nightmare!

Days 11/12 - Freezing


A little falling snow and some shattered glass would be perfect! It is still a really good piece without that though :slight_smile:


Hey thanks miss Medusa!

So yesterday I had horrible stomach flu. Could not draw without needing to throw up. Today I was finally able to get out of bed…

Day 14 - Lights

(So thankful to be able to draw again… enjoyed it way more than the feverish hallucinations of imaginary paintings I was having!)


I’m glad you’re better infinitedivide! Loved the gremlin :slight_smile:
Hey! Some artists take stuff to trigger the “imagination”, you had feverish hallucinations… ehehe


Thanks doon. Noticed someone else did a Gremlins thing too… glad we’re not the only crazies here who love em :wink:

Day 15 - Wreath (Zbrush, Maya, Redshift)

…will post some progress shots of this tomorrow if anyone cares


Yes please! This one got very realistic :slight_smile:


Days 11-12 kinda makes me want to shit my pants. Reminds of the Penumbra games… :thumbsup:


lol Lammakian.

Thanks for the interest Doon. Here’s the Wreath breakdown -


Days 16/17 - Ice Skating


That gremlin made me laugh! I like your cg wreath and ice skater! She looks like she’s glowing.