Bruce Stroia - #Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


Drawing things from an old timey radio show called, “The Cinnamon Bear.”


Wanted to draw 10… ended up with just 2. Oh well, at least the second one shows some improvements!


I like the ribbon studies. And the bears are really cute. The brown bear is kinda lopsided but I think that gives him personality. Also great work on the fur texture.


@Christy - Hey thanks for the comments. Yeah I learned a lot from those ribbon studies. They were important for the next phase which was the bear. His lopsided look was intentional… but I didn’t fully figure that out. Was having too much fun rendering fur!


Day 3 - Growl Studies


I like how you’re doing real bear studies to influence your teddy bear. That’s a creative idea.


Day 4 - “Chimney”


Lovely teddy bear! Great fur texture you made. Amazing realistic.


@POSE - Glad ya like it! I definitely prefer realism.


Day 5 - Winter (spirit)


Day 6 - Blizzard


Fantasy is also good, like your day 5 :slight_smile:
I believe that realism is good but we also need some fantasy. Ehehe


Nice ribbons :slight_smile:
I liked the first bear better. Reminds me of my moms old stuffed bear :p. The second one is maybe a little more modern though.


Day 7 - Blizzard (continued)


I absolutely love that you did a winter spirit! I thought about doing something similar, but I’m glad someone else had the idea and got to execute it :slight_smile: The blizzard image is definitely spooky to me. I would not like to be stuck in my car during one.


@M.S. - hehe… I appreciate that!


Day 8 - Presents


Ehehe! So what kind of presents are this?!.. is presents for the humans of alien technology and specimens to study :slight_smile:
Nice work


Well the presents were mushrooms at first… but then I made them into aliens. Still basically the same thing. Ehehehee


Day 9 - Candle