Broadcast Time Changed


using Serejah idea the methods that almost works for me is:

def_visible_primitive(forceUpdateAnimated, "forceUpdateAnimated");
Value* forceUpdateAnimated_cf(Value **arg_list, int count)
	check_arg_count(forceUpdateAnimated, 0, count);
	auto ip = MAXScript_interface7;
	auto t = ip->GetTime() - 1; 
	return &ok;

time to flag must be different from the current to force script controllers to update. Using the previous makes more sense to me than the next one after the current.

Do you think there is any reason to specify a time to flag?


3dsmax.exe.pdb symbol is available so perhaps you can set a breakpoint on FlagFGAnimated call and step-into the max native code to see how the time value is used inside. I personally have close to zero debugging experience in VS.