Branching / Veins from Nitroman


Interesting plugin for those that have need for this type of thing :grinning:


bought it yesterday, pretty good for making trees and all sorts of branching structures. very intuitive and fast to handle. :slight_smile:


Here’s a different way to do blood vessals and many other things using Hair. It is totally customizable and using Connect and Correction deformer and selections you can place the blood vessels precisely if needed for exact anatomy:


Hey teknow, that’s a very cool technique. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to study it.


Glad you like it!


Hi Dr. Don–The strength of the plugin is that it gives you continuous geometry . This can be done with xparticles as well using the branch modifier and the spline mesher, (or even drawn and positioned splines dropped into the spline mesher), but nitro vein looks more like a one -stop solution.


Another great way to do blood vessels and Podocyts is using the Polygon Pen tool:

Nick Woolridge got me interested in that technique and it is really powerful.

Joel, After seeing some of your work, I really should get X-particles!


Another great plugin from Lazaros!
The only thing missing, as far as I can see, is that when the Veins grow, they are not pointy, but tapered.
I have developed (but still not perfected) a technique where the Branches are always thin at the tips, and can grow thicker as the structure ages and grows, based on Volumes and Fields.

Having said that, just pay the guy 20 bucks already…


Noseman, I’d love to see that technique!


yes looking forward to see this. What I would do is key the thickness curve during growth, but then grow design has to be finished, can be last step only


and here’s a preview of the perfected technique.
Although it needs a slightly longer preparation time, it has the following advantages:
Branches are always pointy, and can have custom thickness.
No keyframes. everything is based on volumes and fields


You can’t escape giving us a tutorial now, NM! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


final teaser. Now the growth occurs Procedurally over a deforming mesh.
Before I start recording the tutorial, I am going to do a stress test and see how far I can push it… hopefully a lot…


Nice, Nose!

Hehe, the stress test is not having the tut yet.

Does your method allow for the vessels to remain round while hugging a surface–like a normal offset in the UVWrap tool?


Niiiice! Love how it clings & flows across the mesh.

The noise on the surface of the vein - is that a VDB artifact, or a shader?


the broad displacements are a noise in the Growth (intentional), while the “sliding” noise on the veins (bump) is because I forgot to change my noise to UV space (unintentional) :slight_smile:

@ScientiaViz, you can push the veins away from the surface if you wish.


here’s the tutorial series:


Great job there noseman. Thanks for sharing


Thanks Nose!
Fields sure are powerful. Love the points for bounding box trick too!


All I wanted was to show that trick. The rest is just filler :slight_smile: