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I’m having a senior moment - exporting some line work from Illustrator and opening in c4d. I just want simple outlines, but the artwork is coming in as double lines - i.e. outlining the stroke the artwork has in Illustrator. I do this every week and I’m sure normally it comes in as simple lines. What am I missing?


Assuming you’re simply merging a v8 .ai file and you’re not using a plugin to import, the only way I can think that could possibly happen is that a stroke has had Object>Path>Outline Stroke so that it has effectively 2 lines that make up the width of the original stroke.

If that’s not it, maybe you could upload the .ai file so we can see.


Did you check the outline mode in AI to see the splines? View>Outline (CMD-Y)

This often reveals issues prior to moving a file to C4D.


You might be fishing for this:
Extrude Object: Heirarchical Checkbox.


It’s very odd and not normal behaviour. The line work has a stroke applied in Illustrator, but looks like one single line when pressing CMD-Y. I save it as an Illustrator 8 file and merge into c4d, where the stroke gets outlined. Never normally happens. Will try trashing prefs in both programs to see if that works.

IceCaveMan I’m not doing anything with the illustrator paths apart from using them as a template guide for poly modelling.


I would spend a minute or two to inspect in Illustrator to be sure you understand the exact stroke and fill attributes. Start there.

I vaguely recall a few years ago wasting time over an issue where I was thinking something was a stroke when it was in fact a fill with bounding stroke lines. In Illustrator turn off all fills and see what you get.

Also be sure to understand if there are any compound paths in play. If there are compound paths than the Heirarchical checkbox could be required.

I def don’t think the issue is with program preferences.


Attached screen grab of paths in Illustrator, preview and outline, nothing amiss


And the c4d import window and result



Must be the illy file, just created a new file, drew a path with a 1pt stroke and saved as Illy 8 and all worked as normal. I didn’t create the dodgy file, it’s a client dieline, so there must be some setting on it that’s wonky.