Bottle Label Question


I usually model separate labels for bottles and bend them to fit the bottle.

This time though my label has a ragged paper edge and I’m going to duplicate some polys from the bottle, and use an alpha mask to cut out the label shape.

Is there a way to give the label some thickness using this method?


Plugins = Make Thicker
Simulation = Cloth … shown below



I am afraid it won’t work like you want it to. The illusion will be gone the moment you cut out with the alpha. You still will have a solid front, but the sides will be open.
You could stack many “single planes” on top of each other to create some thickness or you vectorize your paper label and extrude and wrap deform it.

Unless somebody has a better idea.


Give a slight blur to the alpha map and use it as displacement. Here I’ve exaggerated but you should get the idea.