the new Bifrost Ocean Sim System looks really great.!


it is pretty cool have to say. Its pretty nice and powerful.


BOSS overview video



Is it just me or the BOSS documentation is an absolute joke?!


agree the docs could be better…



some more magic from Igor using BOSS for guiding the waves…



Documentation is definitely lacking.


do you use a native arnold / vray (what so ever) shader to render these oceans? guess those examples are made of several passes …

or is there something like the good old ocean shader?!


Igor rendered all in one pass… standard Arnold shader…
plus some AOVs for tweaking…



All my tests are done using Arnold standard shader, only thing is that i use
velocit and vorticity from simulation for shading for example:
using vorticity value with ramp and plug that resault on aiStandrad diffuse.

you can create same shader with vel, vorticity and ramp like old bifrostliquid shader for mentalray



thanks Igor for jumping in…
found some more RND from you…



BOSS really looks extremely promising. The docs are rather lacking though, I agree.

igorfx: Could we get a tutorial or some quick-setup info for both the Burke FX and the Beach RnD scenes? That would be a great starting point to jump into BOSS/Bifröst.



Yes i know about docs, i am still learning boss, but actual its not that hard, add plane, apply BOSS
and play with parametarts, export EXR maps, and thats it, you just need to plauy with BOSS to see how it work.

I will see what i can do for Burke, beach you have all parametars on vimeo, there is only geo left that you don’t have :slight_smile:

This is few more rnd videos




Hi Igor,

thank you very much for the speedy reply and the additional info. :slight_smile:
I guess I’ll just have to jump in and try it out then. A tut for the Burke scene would be great and much appreciated though.

Great and very inspiring work all around. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


PS: For some reason I thought you are associated with AD. Sorry if I may have come across somewhat demanding in my earlier post. :cool:


Thats some really cool stuff Igor. Thanks for posting here.



Jeff did a great tutorial for breaking waves…




Thanks a lot for the heads-up. :slight_smile:



This is some really good stuff, guys. Thanks for sharing. Bifrost showed so much promise, but I got stumped early on, so I’m glad it’s still promising. Sooooo sick of doing foam and spray in post! It just never really looks natural.


let it rain…



Hi guys,

I’m trying to make a boat travel across the ocean and leave a wake and have foam splash up against the boat:

I’m having trouble setting this up.
I made a 100x100 poly plane and assigned BOSS to it and added a spectral wave.
I animated the boat box and made it a collider.
I set my spectral waves to respect colliders.
No collisions or foam.
I then made a Bifrost liquid object out of a long box that encompassed the path of the boat and added bifrost foam to it.
I also made a kill plane.
When cached, the water falls right through the kill plane and there is no foam.
Here is my scene file:!AkLxEyOQbTOu1Se9WdI70cNl9xeE

Am I making this too complicated?