Books and Tutorials which can serve as a guide to become an fx artist?


Hi guys as we have Digital lighitng and Artist book by jeremy birn which explains the principles to become a
good lighitng artist,
plz suggest me a some courses or any essential book on to how to become a fx artist…
plz suggest any online tutorials or books which also explains theory nfundamental principles behind a fx shot or effect .
Any sort of help or guidance would be welcome…


Depends on how much money you want to invest in your education. Firstly Id soak up as much free stuff online as possible - take a look at all the free MASH lessons on Youtube for motion graphics to get an understanding on instancing and use of bullet rigid body solver that’ll keep you busy for a few months.


ya but can u recomment any online tutorials or any book on this subject…


There is not so much theory concerning VFX. The best way is to make simple projects and try to make it look great. e.g. go out to the street, make some videos, make a camera tracking and let a building collapse or easier, place an additional car somewhere in the scene. This way you will learn a lot. As soon as it comes to dynamics, you will have to look a reference footage and search the look you want.