BonesPro 3DsMax Maximum Influence?


Hello! I’m new to BonesPro, is there any way to set the maximum influence of the vertex? And how to see the selected vertices on the weight table?



the maximum is identically equal 1.0 like skin , but BonesPro can use more values to set with muti bones , such as you can set weight to 50%/50%/100% with 3 bones , then the weight is 0.25/0.25/0.5 , if use skin to set this will be complex , you need set 1.0 to 1st bone , then set 0.5 to 2cd , then set 0.5 to 3td , if a vertex be controled by lots bones , skin will inoperable , bonespro just need to set with their ratios

the weight table of bonespro is not useful as skin , I use v4.62 in max 2014 , for this version , only use to check value , can’t do anything else . for selected , they show with blue backcolor