Body topology


Yes, I agree with Grogs adjusted skull outline. :slight_smile:

blade84, of course we can always do micro-tweaks to our models, but after a quick look I think yours is basically very good. Any tweaks an artist might do depends a lot on what they’re going for. So, if you’re not sure what to do next, go back to reference and your original goals, and some idea will usually emerge sooner or later.

amir jahanlou, sorry I’m not very good with cartoony characters. Yours looks ok, the topology could probably be a bit more evenly divided, and ‘organic’, but then again maybe it doesn’t matter for what you plan to do with this character. You’ve highlighted two edge loops, not sure why, if it’s because you focus your topology efforts on keeping nice clean long edgeloops, then maybe that’s something IMHO you could focus a bit less on. If they spiral or just end abruptly, that’s okay, as long as the rendered result looks good.
I recommend putting a temporary rigging in, a simple skeleton then do some poses, do some test renders, and you should soon see if there are any huge problems.


Hey alltogether,

my recent project, to get a better feeling how to model a female head,

It´s my second attempt now and I think I´m pretty much done with it, will start a new project sooner or later:

What do you think, any comments and critique is greatly appreciated :):bounce:




MichealR: From the low res the topology looks okay… I little hard to tell without wires.
Comments: I think the ear is tilted a little too much toward the back of the head. Also there’s something off in general about the whole thing, don’t get me wrong it’s good, but something seems wrong. It might be that the proportions of the facial elements are all off by small amounts (too big for the head size). Everytime I look at the pictures I can see that there is something not quite right, but I just can quite put my finger on it - though I’m thinking it’s the proportions.

But nice work so far.

*maybe Stahlberg will pop by and clear everything up :wise:


Thx for your answer,

So, you think, that it is probably, that the parts of the face (Nose, Mouth, Eyes) are too big?

Yep, an answer of Stahlberg would be great.



Yeah … I just did a quick overdraw (sorry about the quality - scanner and printer are not really workin’ - and I don’t have a tablet :sad: ) but here’s what I think.


(*hopes this is helpful :shrug:)


yeah, a bit hard to see, but I think I get what you mean.

Don´t know if you forgot about that:

Ctrl+ print makes a screenshot of your screen :wink:

You only have to paste it in your picture editting programm, and press ctrl+v


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I’m new at this thread.

All your works inspires me to get better with topology and refine my skills. I am getting ready to create my next model. I will be creating a full size character. How do I use the same 71/2 head-8 head height for humans be implemented in the maya UI. Does the measurement tools in maya have a part to play? Is there any links I can look up. Topology has a major part and this thread has helped. Thanks :thumbsup:


Hey Rajryan,

Here’s the thing; the measuring tools will definately help but you shouldn’t need to use them too much. The best thing that you can do is find a front and side picture of a nude someone, also having a real model to touch is extremely helpful. If you’re like me, I have a couple of models just waiting to be touched hanging out in my room. Freedom of Teach (.com) has a free human that you casn use, you can also buy the physical model.

The single most helpful thing aside from a reference is practice, we all know what a body looks like the idea is to use the tools provided in Maya or Max or Blender etc. to get that image into a form… you should spend time experimenting, even if it means waisting a couple days on some ugly arm; after a while it is a very natural process that shouldn’t need any sort of measuring only a good reference and your favorite workflow. Good luck, just work at it!


Thank you very much designingpatrick for the advice! You reassured the practical way to approach modeling characters. The resource has helped. Proper anatomy, references and practice …practice…practice!! That’s it!:slight_smile:


Hi Mr.Steven.

This is a very good topology,but I have one question to you,
Why your topology always is not quad , I learned from you more things about your modeling and you is my Teacher I think ( through the web ) , I’m very Intresting with your modeling , but I also learned if the topology is not quad this is affect on lighting,rendering and animation .
please can you tell me why ?
Thank you


to Ammarkk

but I also learned if the topology is not quad this is affect on lighting,rendering and animation

Before rendering use smooth…
After smooth (one iteration, at least) all polys are quad…:deal:


Hi guys,

I have been lurking around this thread for quite some time and this is what I could come up with. This my first completed cg head. Please tell me what you think.



Looks great Turbo, I think I could learn a bit from the eye lashes and eye area.


I really need to change my nickname, don’t I. I used this when i was like 13. Don’t think I can change it though.


Cool! Good topology and work!


Thanx guys

Here is the rendered version. He has no physical hair, because I have no idea how to make it or were to start, I played around with maya hair for a while, kinda got the shape right, but the shading just sucks. So if anyone can point me to a good hair tut, I’ll really appreciate it.

Also the background sucks, I’ll replace it with something else later.

By chimera24 at 2008-02-11


Very nice, modeling looks good, but a few of the edges in the interior of the ear look a little sharp, could be the edge blurring you’ve got since in the untextured version they look smooth and rounded…

Re. The Hair: I’d sculpt it with mudbox or Zbrush. Failing that paint a displacement map in photoshop. That kind of hair is so short it doen’t need to be dynamic (except under extrodinary circumstances).


Hey guys!!

So, i’m studying organic modeling again, and that’s what i’ve got so far… i’ve used the image planes from the Gnomon’s Modeling the Human Head DVD… what do you think??