Body topology


small update:


Good-looking model, LikuidSnake.
Here’s my latest WIP and a bump map test.
Need some feedback from anyone on the skin bump texture.


Got it into Zbrush now, just testing a little, my first time playin around with it.


It’s been a long time since I worked on this model, but I finally had some freetime to finish her. I do have a wip thread (, so I do apologize for the double post, but this thread is near and dear to my heart. I’d appreciate any feedback on her before I take this onto a finished piece.


Hi, i am working on a female model… i am doing self study on character modeling from tutorials online and suggestions from forums… please give some critiques, comments and suggestions on improvement. thank you!

Please, i am waiting for your comments…


Liquidsnake: Her face feels a bit small for her head. I’m not sure why, but it’s the impression that I get at first glance. I think you also might have pulled the outside of the brow too far forward giving her a flat forehead. As for the sculpting, your anatomy is fantastic! If you’re gonna use this for a finished model though I’d say she’s over-sculpted, even if she’s supposed to be a body builder the lines are just too hard. Maybe smooth her up a touch. Great work.

namnocilis: She’s coming along nicely. She has a pleasantly unique face. You could probably soften up the area around the mouth a bit, especially at the corners. I think her head may be a little small for her body. The torso looks pretty good, front and back. The arms are looking a bit “limp noodle” because you’re pulling the bicep down too far. The shape you’ve modeled in there is actually correct, you’ve just pushed it too far. Same thing with the knee. The kneecap does favor the inside, but just a touch. If you push it too far your model gets knock-knee’d. If this model is going into a sculpting package than the mesh is probably fine. If not, you might want to go back over your model and model in all the subtle details that make a realistic model… realistic.


requiem, the size of the face looks strange on zbrush (as there´s no perspective it sorta messes a bit with the sizes I guess) I´ll check the volume of the forehead. This sculpting is not final, I was just testing zbrush (first time), that model is a mess it doesnt even have uvs lol (it does now) I think that maybe the zbrush material somehow shows the details way too much (which isnt bad) and it makes some small details look too hard. She is not a bodybuilder and I´ll keep in mind your advice next time I sculpt her! Thank you very much for the comments and the feedback!

By the way, I have the wires of your model in my reference folder, it looks really good. What are you gonna do with it? is it for animation?

EDIT: just to show a sample of the face, it looks like I´m blaming zbrush for everything, lol


requiem: Thanks requiem for mentioning those points, really helpful… i made few changes to the arm and knees area in mudbox… please tell me you opinion


Requiem - you don’t mind sharing on how you modeled the hair? looks real good…



Liquidsnake: Now I see. Disregard my head comments. Great job, she’s gorgeous! THere’s nothing I can crit on a head like that. I’m honored that you like my wireframe. I hope to use her for a still scene or two.

namnocilis: Nice work! you have a great eye for subtle detail. The stomach is particularly nice. The arm shape is much better. They do feel a touch thin overall and the head still feels a bit small. You might be taking the “rib bumps” too far out. It seems like they’d be pretty well covered in fat and muscle by that point. That’s all I got though. Very impressive work. (love your batman model btw)

orely3000: Thank you very much. The hair is just several slightly curved intersecting nurbs planes. I did it like that for ease in texturing. Turns out texturing hair is not my strong point…


Thanks man! :smiley: Keep us updated with your model.

I have a texturing update. Still a lot of work to do, tweak some maps here and there, and hide the seams.


Latest updates:


Stahlberg your work is so absolutly amazing! Your anatomy, your proportions - everything just stunning!


look great…


Hello. I’m new to posting here, but I’ve been lurking for quite some time. Great Thread!

Here’s the character I’m currently working on for school. He’s supposed to be a comic book character, but I don’t know how well that’s turning out. He doesn’t have any ears because he’s going to have a huge helmet.

Well, I’m having a bit of trouble with the legs. I don’t have enough references and box modeling this part wasn’t getting me anywhere. So I decided to go with edge extrusion. Does anyone have any examples of proper topology for muscular legs?


Hi everyone, sorry to be missing in my own thread, but as usual I’m busy, and I actually spend more time on my Paintover thread nowadays… :slight_smile:
ManDay, thanks!
Requiem, very nice!
Likuidsnake - great, but the forearms seem to be bending downwards a bit?
allenatl, her pelvic girdle seems too shallow, and her irises should just touch the lower eyelids in the neutral position. Also, the eyebrows should be slightly different I think, it’s hard to explain but look closely at this one for instance:

thegraybox, can’t find a topology image right now, but maybe this drawing helps:


Steven, yeah I think they are bending down (forearms)
I´ll fix that. This is my final wire (below) I think I´ll start to rig pretty soon. So if there´s anything really wrong about the loops feel free to shoot at me. lol

Can´t thank you enough! (and sorry for being a pain in the … :D)



I figured Id post this here too. I really need some topology help crits and this model Im working on.


Thanks Stahlberg! I actually found this image too while looking for reference. I still couldn’t find any topology images, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. Hope I got it right. This is what I have right now:

I’m not sure how well my topology is flowing. When I try to insert an edge loop, it just goes all over the place. Could someone take a look at it for me?

No toes for him since I’ll be giving him boots.

I tweaked his head and abs to make them look a bit better, but something seems a bit off in the head (aside from having no ears), which I can’t seem to place my finger on.


I’m not sure how well my topology is flowing. When I try to insert an edge loop, it just goes all over the place. Could someone take a look at it for me?

I wouldn’t worry about edgeloops too much. It’s a million times more important that you actually capture the flow of the muscles efficiently, and make them animation-friendly, and edgeloops can certainly co-exist with such good topology… but I’ve never found them to help much, other than to make the modeling process itself slightly faster at times. In fact, trying to think about clean edgeloops, spiral loops, poles and all that theory stuff, I find I can’t focus as much on capturing the anatomy most effectively.
In the beginning of the process I have lots of clean loops, but they tend to gradually disappear, and when that happens I just manually insert/delete edges, one by one.

About the face: the outer eyecorners seem too rounded, the inner eyecorners need more detail, and a flat space immediately between the corner and the nosebridge. The lower part of the nose (nostrils etc) looks strange, check reference more closely. Other than that, a very good strong-man face.