Blurry effect with basic material


Hi everyone,

I am new to maya and I need some help.
I have a model and I want to hide some part of it with a blurry effect like in a TV show to anonymize people.
The picture below is an exemple of what I want (made with unity and the shading language).
I have some constraints : I must use the maya software renderer not the arnold renderer & arnold material (like the aiStandardSurface).

Thanks in advance.


Make the blurry texture in Photoshop .


Can you do it in post or do you need to do it in 3d? It would be far more cost effective and far easier to do in post.


I need to do it in 3D.
My goal is to create a plane with a mostly-transparent material and every object behind this plane must appear blurred (like forsted glass for shower)


Can you explain why you have to do it in 3d?