Blueprints and Other Resources


I need blueprints of alladin kind of characters…those arabic characters…
also of alladin
i also need refernces of genies…
please help sumone asap


This is and excellent link if you are modelling aircraft:

Refer also sample below of work being done (in progress) using this material. It is a Fw 190 D-13 with the various factory blueprints overlaid:


Classic-Honda-Gallery And Bikes[]=image&id=1045


can anyone point me in the direction of a 70’ chevelle fastback


I have found this link pretty useful to find blueprints or reference materials. Some of what has been mentioned in this thread is already on there. Just thought I would refer you in case some where missed.


Hi, I’m really in a hurry, I need blueprints from spidey characters, mainly spiderman, Scorpion, Rhino and Venom, if someone could help I’d be really great

Thanx in advance



Guys i need a favor…

i really need this blueprint for (Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 1968) HIgh-Res

best regards


i m need of knight blueprint (i mean like lord of the ring witch kings with armor) can someone help me pls


does anyone know where I can find all sorts of different cartoon cars.
Preferably one’s that are blueprints or have many different views of the same car.


This is worth a look - not all of the products are in there yet:


Hi guys, I looked all over to find some nice front/side/top references of Goku from dbz. Haven’t found any decent ones yet though, I couldn’t find any good ones in this topic aswell.
So if someone could please help me out here I would really appreciate it.

Cheers! ^^


This is a nice source for facial image planes.
Keep in mind they are mugshots so don’t expect to find alot of pretty faces.


A nice sorce for facial image planes.
Keep in mind they are mugshots so don’t expect a lot of pretty faces.



Hi I am badly in need of model sheets of a " little african girl"… could be between the age of 5 to 10. i dunno if its probably on the thread… If anyone could please guide me soon, it would be great… plzzzzz… i need the front and side images (orthographics) It can be any simple line drawing also or cartoon style.


Here’s a big list of trees with pictures.




I didn’t see it mentioned but another good source is paper models.
They are basically books that are sold with cutouts that are for making objects out of paper. There are thousands of them in everything from buildings to animals. They are excellent to use for building 3d models since they are already divided into parts that are easy to model.

   just enter 'paper models' in google.


Brazillian website with blueprints.

Três D1 blueprints


Can anybody help me i’m searching for a yamaha bulldog bllueprint.