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hi there, just wanted to add something to this already great post :

a) someone ask about human anatomy (muscles) although both female and male are almost the same, i cant find anything about the female anatomy (muscles) except for this one which i found floating somewhere arround the internet, its not that big, hope it helps, same for the male musc system(will try one of these days at the art schools arround here wish me luck).

b) links to some references, blueprints and photo references ( the link is a direct link to celebrities wallpapers with really large resolutions, on the top right of the same page theres a section for cars, and bikes, again huge resolutions, and some orthographic angles, hope it helps ) (blueprints cars) (blueprints cars) (house blueprints, floor plans ) (blueprints for planes, cant open right now, might be down) (house blueprints, floor plans) (blueprints from nasa, someone asked for a shuttle) ( blueprints, needs registration) (blueprints for some mecha, gundam i think ) (not a blueprint per se, but a must after any modeling , just reference, hope its ok to post it here ) (photo reference from castles, i think someone was asking about this one ) (dunno if its been post before, but its a good photo reference for cars ,hope it helps ) (this one has photo reference for people/celebrities , cars, bikes, some in orthographic angles, huge resolutions, hope you like it :slight_smile: )

anyway thats all for now, if anyone has some good reference for human anatomy, especially the female muscle system, front and back, would really help me out, also blueprints for comic heroines, marvel, dc comics style would also be great, please pm or email me, thanks, and have a good one !


Edit : sorry guys i removed one pic, found out it was from the anatomical chart company, however if its ok to post it here, ill post it again.


:scream: hi i want blueprint for robots anime please help me


Are you looking for anything in particular ? i once tried looking for these, and i was told the best place to look for those are in those anime comic books (i dont know the correct name, sorry for that) at the beggining or at the end, hope it helps.



Google using “anime character sheet” as searchterm lead me to this.


Hy there!

Can you post some links of resorce sites where I can find :

  • anime clothing sheets (I am more interested in the clothes than in the anime itself)
  • fantasy clothing sheets
  • weapons of any type (not fire weapons) , fantasy or anime (prefferably not very disproportioned)

Thank you in advance!

Best regards!

And my small contribution :
I don’t know if there is a site with more resources for houses than this one.It has over 25000 house plans in 2D with all measures , full 3D profiles of the plan , materials list and 3D renders of each house plan.
I hope it is usefull!


someone asked for anime robots
i found gundam

i hope it helpes


hey guys i need blueprints of overweighted male. i searched but i can’t find a good one. waiting for ur replies. guys pls help me.


hi my friend here has got thisproject were he needs to model a underground railway station and he need some blue prints of some train engine and train boogies i tried serching suurland i could not get any so if any one has some blue prints plz post the links here tanks u in andvance


On you’ll find ship views and sketches from the series Babylon5, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Space Battleship Yamamoto.


hello… i hope this attachment helps u ppl out there… n can any one tell me how to increase the size of attachment i can do… i still got loads of such models…


Here is the largest russian Car blueprints library -
In my opignon it is the best site. More than 5100 blueprints.


Sorry for my first post being a request, but I was wondering if anyone has any scaled blueprints of canadian vehicles/weapons like the c7, c9, nyala, Lav III, G-Wagon etc.



Hello everyone . I was wondering if anyone knows where i can find any good reference for modelling a Smurf . Thanks .


Hi… I dont know if somebody putted this link already but i will do anyway…
If a very big a usefull repository, with draws of cars, tanks, weapons, star trek and star wars ships, humans (but this section is very limited) and a lot of more (look at the gundam wings blueprints in “miscellaneous” section)… I hope that you will find this link usefull… Bye guys.


On my website I have some aircraft walkaround photo galleries. More to be added in the future. These sort of photos are of great use when modelling detailed 3D aircraft.


Transformers (Autobots Transform) blueprints anyone ?


Anyone have links to blueprints of cathedrals? Or good reference pics to cathedrals? thanks.



I was wondering whether anybody knew where I might find some blueprints from the show Wacky Races, preferably of the ‘Bulletproof bomb’ vehicle. I found a couple on but they weren’t side views etc. to model from.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If anyone from India could help me out, I’m looking for blueprints for a Hindustan Ambassador (Indian Taxi) ora Morris Oxford series III, it’s basically just a stretched morris mini. I’ve been searching for the blueprints of this for along time and can’t find any.


Hey man just check out… u get great references there… u wont get blueprints but u ll get lot of reference images…:thumbsup: