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hey guys,
can anyone help me with blueprints of cars like those in the Fast and the furious movie series?
if exact ones can be found it would be gr8.else any other cool,funky lookin race cars will do.
i checked the car blueprint sites at the start of the thread.couldt find em


Good selection of cars and trucks blueprints:

enjoy :slight_smile:


Wat u gota understand is finding blueprint for racing modified car is almost impossible since theres a million way to modify a car. Ur best bet is get the blueprint lets say of a honda civic
(for the sake of exemple) find the parts the u want on ur car, some reference model of modified civic and add in or change part of the car.


Found this site
It offers many blueprints of cars.



Anyone ever come across blueprints or better-than-be-found-on-google refs of an Opel Manta? Would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance.


Any1 know where i can find some blueprints for some gym equipment? would mostly appriciate it coz its for an important project.

ty guyz


Hi, i need blueprints for a Chrysler Town And Country, 2000 - 2006ish
i went through smcars, onnovanbraam, and the-blueprints, and the only one set of blueprints i found with a top view, the top view looks VERY very off. anybody have any ideas?


I may have missed it, but where can I find some pics of the inside of an Oil Rig. Need to do props…but I have no idea what lies around in there…and pics are scarce.

Any help would be most appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi may I know where to find blueprints for the Protoss carrier from starcraft? Been a big headache trying to find that. If possible, also the blueprints for the ARC trooper from star wars :smiley:


This is not a blueprint sight per se, but it has some of the best high-res auto shots I’ve seen (which help immensely when modeling).

Shine on,


I’m trying to find some marvel heroes blueprints.
I know there is a site with this kind of blueprints but I can’t find it :slight_smile:


Hey Nelu,
[color=silver]I don’t now the site, but i have a few collection of the comic characters blueprint. [/color]
Plz give ur e-mail address and i’ll send the Archive accross.



Google didnt tell me anything! Can you help me?

Like this


Went through the entire thread and saw two requests for 17th-18th century war ships (HMS Victory, etc.). I struck out myself and was hoping to find help through the good ol’ cgsociety.


Does anyone know any site that has Ford Crown Victoria blueprints? I want to do a police car model. Please PM me if anyone knows.


can someone provide a link for reference images of a SWAT member .


can someone post a human anatomy? with the muscles and body parts that are crucial for deforming/modelling/animation/etc.

thank you


large collection of mobile phones refernces


hi everybody can any one give site that have blueprints for anime robots like mazinger z please
and thanks too much:)


i was wondering if anyone knows of a place with old classic tractors to model, thank you very much