Blueprints and Other Resources


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Hi, do anyone have idea where can I find this kind of truck’s blueprints:

and, the terminator 2 freightliner blueprints also would be cool:



SMCars(.net) has some Kenworth and Mack blueprints.
I found some Mack RD800S prints there.


hey guys! -back again…

does any of you, have some refs on overweighed people (not fat, just overweighted) people…?

thanx in advance:)


why don’t you guys just use, pretty cheap for the amount of reference images


Thanks, I’m registered and it’s awesome the number of blueprints there, rock!


I’ve looked through every post through this amazing thread but I didn’t find what I was looking for. I want to model a creature type head (sorta like Alex Alvarez does in his Zbrush video). Problem is I suck at drawing so I can’t make my own images. I just want some good front and side views of fantasy/creature heads to model in Maya then bring in Zbrush to add insane detail :D. Does anyone have a site like this? Or if anyone would be willing to give me some images they have drawn, that would be great! This isn’t anything commercial, it’s just for myself and to add to my portfolio.


Hi all. I’m making a car with all parts. And how can i find those blueprints? Maybe Not so complicated.



might help


Yeh, just wanted to second this. I just want general lines. Anyone have any links? Thanks!


have somebody blueprints of ferrari f430?
maybe someone know where i can download owners manual? ill very happy have it…


have somebody blueprints of ferrari f430?

here it is:


maybe someone know where i can download owner`s manual?

I heard that it’s included with the ferrari, so go to the store and buy one!

i`ll very happy have it…

sure you will…


Im after a direct link to a 1969 DODGE CHARGER R/T 01


mosconariz hi!
oh, big thanx, but i seen this blueprint 2-3 month ago.
so it maybe very cool, but it havent top , front and left view.
can you model without this views??



hi, i’m looking for a couple of refereces images…

1)front and side of the face of a cute young oriental girl (japanese or korean)
2)front and side of a male or female athletic body
3) maybe some general reference of “splinter cell style” equipment.

Anyone can help me?


hello all! been trying to find decent pictures or blueprint of a weapon Hk g36c but cant find one anywhere! anyone have any interesting pictures or bluprint that would be used for highrez modeling please?would be helpfull al lot :slight_smile:


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heres one i found just yesterday while i was on the net for references.

its a dream come tue for ppl who want good references
sorry if someone posted earlier


I’ve been looking for good reference for an old man (the more skinny and misrable the better). I’ve looked on alot of anatomy sites, but haven’t found much. Can any help and point me towards the reference I’m looking for? Thanks.