blow stuff up


i know that in 3dmax you can blow stuff up into itsy bitsy pieces using particle systems and stuff

can you do something similiar to that in AM?
blow stuff up into itsy bitsy pieces?

cause i know i had lots of fun in max destroying entire worlds and stuff


You might try either the “Explode” or “GroupExplode” plugins located here.


Explode and Groupexplode are not longer under development, but are on my site offcourse . Why ? I’m rewriting this plugins , but now I will wait until V12 SDK is avaible (for some reasons) . For creating pieces of your model you may have a look here. This plugin works only with V11 and higher and has at this time no documentation, but is simply to use .

Kind Regards


thanx, now i feel like i can do anything in AM

well, until the next problem anyways


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