Blendshapes problem...I've tried everything. Please help!


Amateurs here. My friend and I are working on a simple character. I’m just working on the rigging. She created the model and the blendshape targets. I’m trying to get the blend shapes to work, but every time I create them. the original head mesh moves over to the target shape. I thought I understood how blend shapes work. In fact, I’ve done them many times before. But this time…the steps I usually follow are not working.

I have included the scene for anyone who would be willing to take a look and tell me what I’m doing wrong. Thank you in advance!!!

Cartoon_Girl_Project Rig.mb (5.2 MB)


Your transforms are out of wack. the blendshapes have different transforms than the main head.

i’ve duplicated your main head and the blendshapes (to get rid of the input nodes) and reset their transforms (as good as i could by band).

when you add your BS now, the head stays in place. 2018 file attached (in case your machine complains about Renderman missing, just ignore it)

rig.mb (3.0 MB)