Blendshapes keep breaking on animated rig - Urgent



So I’m animating a tiger with a rig that’s been given to me. The rig isn’t perfect by any means and I need to smooth out some of the skin deformation. I tried creating blendshapes in the shape editor to do this, and it worked for a while, but for some reason every time I playblast it, the shapes start to deform in strange ways.

I’ll go back into maya, adjust the blendshape slider, and it’ll snap back into place immediately. But the moment I playblast or move to a different frame it resets to being wrongly deformed. This is kind of urgent and if anyone can explain what I’ve done wrong with the blendshapes that would be amazing.

I’ve attached an image reference below of what it looks like vs what happens, and circled the problem. It’s small, but noticeable, and it keeps happening in multiple different places. It’s not letting me attach my scene file here, but I’ve attached it in my post on the autodesk forums: autodesk . com/t5/maya-animation-and-rigging/blendshapes-keep-breaking-on-animated-rig-urgent/td-p/10876960

Any help anyone could provide asap would be amazing, thanks.