Blendshape - Maya 2018


I combined the head to the body after I made my blendshape. I tried to separate it again because I wanted to add two more blenshapes, but what happened was, I cannot add it anymore. Please help.


What do you mean by you ‘can’t add it anymore’? Like, do the original blendshapes morph weirdly? Or that you can’t add them as targets (the things with little orange target icons next to them in the Shape Editor) under your original blendshape node? Or is it an error that shows up in your script line at the bottom?


I cannot add to the 1st set of blendshape I created. I go to > Deform > Edit Blendshape > Add. then Specify Node (Facial Expressions) then there’s an error( / Error: line 0: Specified blend shape not found in history of |polySurface1|Face.)


Following up:
On the right side panel, with your character’s mesh selected (the one the blendshape is applied to), is the blendshape node still there? It should be under the INPUTS section.

That warning suggests that the blendshape node got deleted from your mesh history. If the node is still in your history, it would mean that Maya isn’t picking up on the blendshape node for some reason. If it isn’t, I think I know why it isn’t there anymore:

During the process of extracting and recombining the head, you probably deleted your history at some point, right? To keep your mesh optimised. Trying it, it looks like even deleting Non-Deformer History (which usually doesn’t delete the blendshape deformer node) deletes the blendshape node as well in this case.

Unfortunately, in either case, there’s no quick fix for it. Sorry, but it looks like you’ll have to redo the blendshapes again.

As a tip for next time (and this is the way most riggers will do it in a professional workflow): after you extract your head the first time and duplicate over the head, keep that duplicate head unedited. This is your blendshape base head. Duplicate the blendshape base head and EDIT THAT duplicate to make your blendshape target objects. Keep the blendshape base head around - whenever you need to make new target shapes, just make more duplicates from that blendshape base head.

It seems you know how to add new target objects to an existing blendshape node so I won’t bore you with that.

Good luck and happy rigging!


Thank you so much for the tips. Yeah, I used that duplicated head as the base mesh. Sorry to bother you but I have another problem here, I finished everything and tried to do some testing of my character, but it seems there are some problems showing up. When I move the arms, the portion of mesh on the chest is also moving. ohmigosh, cannot paint weight it anymore… huhuhu, pls help me.