Blending in and out



is there a node to blend something IN or OUT? I know some node have an opacity slider, but some not. I my case i want to fade in a group of 3D shapes but the merge3D has no option to do this…

Any idea?!



as you may already know, in “2d” its quiet simple to fade something in/out. you can use the opacity slider in the merge or brightness/contrast node and bring it down to 0 or animate the strength of a mask and so on

but i believe fading something in 3d isnt as easy as that. you could animate the opacity of each material of your 3d objects to fade it in or use a “replace material” to animate all at once, but the later method would only work if all objects have the same material

on the other side you could render your objects with a seperate Render3d and use the 2d fading techniques when you combine all renderings, but this gets a little complicated with complex scenes and a lot of animated geo


I did it with the slider in the material node.

Thanks a lot!