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No this certainly isn’t at all a long term thread or forum for us…for this…

Still…I’ve committed untold hours here to promote c4d, community plugins, and helping other users here. Same with many here. We deserve some time to talk with friends about the next move, IMO.



Pretty good reviews from a high level. I think he missed some things in both videos, but overall he seemed pretty fair.


For the record, I agree. I was just ribbing you guys with my earlier remarks. I find it all interesting anyway and look forward to your progress with Blender. I hope there will be a way for us to keep up with your findings.


ok…so I’ve had to work with Blender a little bit the last few years and there are one or two things that are very basic and that make it impossible for me to work productively in Blender.

Here are just a few so you can see if it’s as bad for you as it is for me.

If I say something wrong because I missed something, please say I would be happy.

  • The Outliner is not sortable (it is always sorted alphabetically)
  • Objects that are invisible in the editor view cannot be deleted or selected.
  • some parameters are passed from parent-objects to sub-objects e.g. position, rotation, but others are not passed. e.g. delete or visibility.
  • if you parented an object e.g. into a Null which is not set to world 0, an invisible offset will be set. The displayed coordinates always refer to the point where the object was when it was parented. So if you set a child object to 0, 0, 0 it is not at the center of the parent object. This offset can be different for each sub-object and is not displayed anywhere. There is the function “clear parent invers” which deletes the offset but moves the object to the place of the parent object.

as I sad, just one or to, but beyond annoying for me.

Translated with


Here are some things the reviewer missed IMO…

-c4d has a flexible plugin system that is well integrated into the app. Blender has add-ons but I don’t believe they are as well integrated…as far as having their own “home” in the UI
-c4d has more top artists in their user base, which lifts the community aesthetically
-c4d has primitives that allow you to stay in parametric workflow
-c4d has better physics system (more flexible, more options)

-Blender has a better mechanism to quickly add third party tools (Addons in Preferences)
- has no c4d equivalent…in terms of library size, variety and pricing.
-Blender likely gets the edge in modeling and has some amazing add-ons for hard surface modeling
-Blender is far better if you need to model with precision and do so quickly
-Blender has better UV tools
-Blender has better rigging tools
-Blender has been growing faster


I noticed this and yes that is a current limitation that annoys me as well. I can’t yet comment on your other criticisms until I use the app more.


You can turn that off, but you can’t freely rearrange stuff yet…


You can select it in the outliner, right click and choose delete in the context menu.

I’m not understanding well your other issues…


Highly debatable.


We have too many DailyRandomCrap#456 thanks to Beeple.


if you control select a parent then this child objects will not get selected - visible ones will.

but I haven’t tried it in 2.8 jet.


Yeah, it seems to be still like that. But usually they fix/change stuff like this very quick if enough people start complaining.


Well, you pointed out that you never paid for C4D in my other thread, so from someone who has, you maybe don’t understand my point of view from that of investment from time, blood sweat and tears from working in factories to be able to afford the costs of which to own versions of C4D R6 up to 11.5 which has cost over 2.5K in years past. It really doesn’t matter what Blender has, it will still feel like a downgrade in financial terms… And really… with that outside investment…I really have my doubts on the longevity of Blender forever being free in any case with all the bells and tinsel with all this outside investment. These big companies (Epic / Ubisoft ) will be looking for a return on investment and that’s ultimately gonna come from it’s users in what may be a year or two down the road from here and be part of yet another subscription based application. …Blender Basic / Blender Pro…

Atm, it’s like it’s just taking careful but slow baby steps to that commercial product stage. Would that mean if it was a commercial product,I’d have more confidence in it to buy it…I’m not sure, that would depend on the conditions it has surrounding it… For now… it feels like a free for all party stage where anyone is welcome but I don’t see that lasting… In the short term Blender is great for what it is…but for anyone like myself, when we choose 3D applications, we do it for the long term.


I’m not so sure about precision modeling in blender. For example, blender’s snap system is very basic compared to c4d’s. But fortunately they hired recently a developer to work in this area (precise modeling and snapping).
Can’t wait to see the results of it.


You can have numerical viewport overlays, and even better you can quickly key in numeric translation values as you manipulate. Can’t really do that w/c4d, without constantly retreating to object manager.

As for snapping…can’t compare them yet.


That would be super, there is also a selectable indicator in the outliner, that basically should lead to a behaviour like this but a invisible object should not principally be a unusable object.


Yea, those are some nice tricks that speed the workflow a lot. I was thinking more on the precision (CAD like) modeling and robust snapping etc…


While I havent paid for C4D because the Network I work for paid for it, I did paid for Redshift + XParticles / Cycles, and also for Softimage XSI up until Autodesk cancelled it, and I also have a home copy of R20, courtesy from my employeer. So yes, I too had to decide with the money I already invested about switching apps or not.

Blender Pro? Please be informed about Blender, its source code is free, so the chance it goes to subscription is 0%. You can however right now, grab the source code, make a branch out of it and sell it, but someone else can grab the same source code and give it for free.


_ You are free to use Blender, for any purpose_
_ You are free to distribute Blender_
_ You can study how Blender works and change it_
_ You can distribute changed versions of Blender_

In the last case you have the obligation to also publish the changed source code as GPL.

Last, I was an ex XSI user, so… long term is not up to us, better learn every tool available.


I had a different experience, you can align points on a curve to the grid with just pressing shift + s > selection to grid for example, and the snapping options are pretty robust (shift tab to activate) You had the usual grid, vertex, edge, face, volume, plus snapping based on closest / center / median / active ond even based on the rotation of the target.

What do you see lacking in that regard?


We have far more options in c4d, guides, dynamic guides. intersection etc…

I believe in blender we can’t even (officially) snap to the center of a face/edge…


You can but its a two step process ( select the face, shift + s > cursor to selected), then select the object shift + s > selection to cursor.