Blender Tutorials


The only shortcut I use in C4D is Ctrl + R to render, that’s it :smiley:, I ignore all the rest other than using Ctrl in combo with viewport navigation. …and selection. and it’s never slowed me down., and er spacebar for toggle tool mode… The less I need to look at the keyboard the better…less time looking down and getting a sore neck. Also, I don’t get infatuated with the products I use, they are tools and I need them to work for me.


And yet you are trying to force it to work like C4D… Is not gonna happen. In softimage I used S to move then I had to learn how to move in Cinema, Maya, Houdini, etc. It’s better to use the software as intended by the developers, because almost no one do tutorials with any other keymap except for the Blender keymap, and it’s the same for all the DCCs in the market, ours included (our alt right click to navigate and scale key is different than Maya)

I forgot how I navigated in Parallax Explorer / Matador though.


I used Strata 3D and Truespace 2.2 back in 2001… :smiley: And before that… Real 3D, by Realsoft on the Amiga, which also had a PC version with a funky Open GL mode.


That time before youtube was super painful to learn anything… Lots of books.


I was watching a tut and heard the instructor refer to “proportional editing”. He didn’t explain it so I referenced a different tut.

It’s similar to c4d’s soft selections…though perhaps a bit better. C4d’s soft selections do have the advantage of having that yellow overlay, which makes it easy to visualize. But Blender has various fall-off options.

Interactive scroll-wheel for dialing in range is nice too.


Ok, going back to the topic of this (long) thread just found this tutorial channel.
Good enough, @IceCaveMan? :grin:


We’ve covered a lot in this thread. So pls clarify. Are you referring to my view that the caliber of art in the c4d community is superior to Blender community?


just wanted to post something more interesting than the previous links I posted.
and tried to make it a little entertaining in response to.:


You can OWN a perpetual R21 license.

If anyone is interested in Blender, they can simply go to the BLENDER forum ON THIS SITE!


Seems to be fairly dead. There are more posts in this thread here alone than a year’s worth of posts in that whole forum. I suppose Blender people go to the official Blender forums.


We are aiming to use Blender as a companion for C4D, we also have a Houdini Bridge and a Substance asset manager, so additional software from the perspective of a C4D user should be encouraged to talk in this forum.

Blender guys don’t often do motion graphics art, so they don’t know our requirements.


I think it is fair to have a Blender thread on here, as others have noted, to discuss it as a companion to C4D, especially since the responders are made up of C4D users who have frequented this forum for years.

The Foundry forums have had a Blender thread, consistently one of their top threads, since 2011:


There’s a few plugins that have caught my eye as in this video, primarily because I mainly focus on the hard modelling side…It might make using Blender feel less clunky for me…and maybe you.


LoopTools, TinyCAD and 3D Print Toolbox are packaged with Blender.


Blenderkit if you want a drag and drop library of objects and materials

Gaffer Light/HDRI manager, free version too.

Some simple attractive animation tutos:


Yes there are some amazing add-ons. But we must be realistic. They will add to–not reduce–the learning curve. The power comes with some complexity in use.

I do plan on exploring hard Ops and box cutter, but I want to get comfortable first with the interface and built-in functions.


Just installed. Slick. Free subscription provides nice collection.


Question. How do you make a circular array with the modifier. C4D as most people know has both straight and circular modifier options.


Not a one click operation like c4d. lol


Christ,… that was painful to watch lol.


I like to use anim.nodes