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Do you mean the ALT+Left Click on a polygon?


Ok, I figured it out, it’s actually more than ALT+Left click, it’s ALT plus double left click mouse button lol… There’s none of this double clicking in C4D lol… So I worked that out …


hm… something is going on with your config
It’s just one click.
And the easy part is, you move the mouse near one edge to decide what direction the selection has to go :slight_smile:


If you are using the industry keymap, it’s just double click, no alt needed.
Alt click is for the default blender keymap.


Yeah…just double click works, I’m using the Industry keymap option as advised by others , but to be honest, it isn’t something I’m familiar with…


The industry keymap works more like maya than anything else… I’m not using it because of that. I decided to stick with the default keymap, with my own modifications.


With previous Blender versions I used Maya keymap, because Blenders was just too different to C4D.


I realy like the ease of the tutorials from Grant Abbitt:


That’s sweet. Is there a keyboard shortcut for that?


Not that I know of.

Maybe some python magic can do it…


SHIFT + 1,2,3 and more SHIFT+ to subtract



It doesn’t appear one can navigate the viewport while in the middle of an operation. Oh well…


Ah, I was thinking on a direct shortcut to enable all of them at once.
Anyway, is there an equivalent of that in the industry keymap? SHIFT + 1,2,3 seems to do nothing there.


At least the tool icons can be enlarged and reduced in size by hovering the mouse over the tool icon area, and holding down the middle mouse button and CTRL key.

To show text labels, drag the tool icon area’s left edge to the right until they show up.

Would be nice if we could change the size of those top bar ones as well this way.


One thing to watch for when working in x-ray mode while selecting faces: how close the mouse cursor is to the small orange dot in the center of a face decides which face will be selected.

No face highlighting like C4d, but it is an efficient method, and far less jarring on the eyes (I dislike face highlighting myself in general). I almost never mis-click a face, unless the poly count is very high and it becomes a visual clutter, of course.


We had tweak mode before, too bad it was removed.

You can turn this off in c4d, so no probs.
I quite like it, besides, almost all 3d apps has it, so yeah.


This is the most complex thing I’ve made in blender, probably ever. :D, It started as a space ship…then I added an array, which didn’t do what I expected, but really I’m just trying to get use to the UI and weird frustrating object manager.


I have to agree on the outliner. Comparing it with C4D it’s nowhere close. But in all honesty, it also means comparing it with one of the best object manager I’ve ever used :wink:

For instance, I’ve imported a scene from C4D with some mograph objects. They came up as separate pieces and trying to selecting them at once in the outliner is just no use.

Good to hear from @TheRedWaxPolice that they are going to work on it.


I think from a pure sanity aspect, that in the future that I’ll model in Cinema 4D and ZBrush as I have for many years and just use Blender as an assembly point for the models I’ve created when I hit the limits of C4D’s viewport. I’ve really not ventured into animating in Blender…so not too sure how well that’s gonna work out.


I don’t know who told you to use the industry keyboard, Blender key map is better imho, just tab to enter edit mode and select a face and press E to extrude. Or press 3 to enter poly mode, then E. Or use the modeling layout and it will automatically enter in edit mode.

Please look the tutorials before ranting about the “horrible ui”, if a really lot of people can do the same basic stuff you are struggling with, the problem isn’t with the software.

I have been modeling for years in C4D, and three years ago I got rid of the icons because, frankly, using icons it’s a lot slower than using shortcuts. To each its own I guess