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That’s a bug. You should report it.

The valid hotkey is the one in the tooltip. The one in the footer is most probably hardcoded somewhere. And they forgot about it.



No, I don’t get the G-Move thing. Sorry you are having that.

The QWER keys work exactly like in Maya for me here.

Are you using the Industry Compatible preset?
Did you change something from the shortcuts before using the preset?
Are using WIndows, Linux or MacOS?

This is probably a bug.


cant you guys post your blender stuff in a blender forum section?



This thread is for long time Cinema4D users that are trying Blender out.
Either as a companion or replacement to Cinema 4D (in my case, as a companion. I won’t leave C4D any time soon)…

So it makes sense to post here, because we are talking about Blender from a Cinema4D perspective.
Blender 2.8 can compensate for a lot of C4D lack of features (e.g. UV tools) and it is free.



Spent the past hour trying to model stuff in Blender 2.8, my god it’s implementation feels so retarded, and I’ve been modelling in 3D apps for the past 25 years… For example doing really basic stuff like selecting a face, having to use a marque tool to select stuff, when you just want to select a single polygon face rather than a bunch of them, having pop out drop down menu arrows for tools that don’t exist… Arg…it’s an exercise in futility… lol.


Why not just click on a poly?

What do you mean?


Yeah… that’s what I though, not working… all I’m presented with is a + for a cursor when ever you hover over any polygons of an object, can’t select them, even whilst in modelling mode with the cursor as you can in C4D or even ZBrush.

  1. Select Extrude Region modelling tool, go to ‘Mesh’ from the drop down tabs of the vewport, go to Extrude, popout arrow with a broken menu.


Edit, update, now I can select them… feels really buggy though…so dunno whats going on…


You mean this?

It’s clearly a bug.
Usually there’s no need to go to that menu tho.



Just created a new scene, back to square one with not being able to select faces… lol…Now I know why I’ve used C4D for so long.


You can’t do this?


Ah, that’s why I couldn’t select faces…man that system is so poorly designed, with tiny ambiguous icons. C4D has these modes big and large by default, clearly visible in what mode you are in by comparison.



You can choose the industry standards mode and press 1, 2, 3, 4 to switch between vertex, edge, polygon and object modes.


Yes, I wish those icons were bigger.

Another thing, you can shift click those icons to select them all, that way you can select points, edges and polygons at the same time.

Something I wish c4d had…


@Scott_M_C4D-2 @TheRedWaxPolice

About the tiny icons…yeah, I prefer the big icons of C4D and Maya.
A workaround is to go in Edit>Preferences>Interface.
Then change Resolution Scale from 1.0 to 1.5.
The icons will be bigger.


The downside is that everything else also gets bigger, which is not that great…



Yeah, it’s a workaround, not really a solution.
I wish we could change the Resolution of the Icons and Text separately .

To be fair, they are bigger in 2.8 than before.


I guess it’s just a matter of habits.
I love both Cinema and Blender for different reasons.

When it comes to modeling, Cinema feels so cumbersome. Blender feels so fast. Of course, you have to learn how to use it first, then you’ll get your modeling done 10 times faster.

I personally never look at the icons, I simply use the keyboard. I understand for some people it’s all about the icons though. So, if keyboard isn’t really your friend, I don’t think there’s much left to do to help you working with Blender.

mind you, this isn’t a A vs B thing: all the work I do to pay the bills is done in Cinema :slight_smile:


Good to know… I guess in C4D, it’s not really I’ve thought about in it’s absence for me… right now I’m triyng to find the loop polygon tools, all I can find is options to Loop Edges.