Blender noob with previous 3D experience says "Hi!"


Hi! I’m from the UK and my username refers to my new-found love of the Kotlin programming language, plus bears are cool! I’m starting to learn Blender and hope it won’t take me too long to pick it up as I know Cinema 4D very well.

Why Blender? I’m out of work and it seems to me there are some very capable free tools around. I am hoping to change career too so it feels like a time for changing things and taking on new challenges!

I feel like going for the free tools, even if I get back into work soon. I’ve had a quick play with Blender, the rendering looks sweet, and I’ve seen some amazing work done with it. I am sure it can do far more than I could ever get out of it!

re: the free tools, I also switched from Photoshop, which I dearly loved, having used since version 5.5, to GIMP, and I found though it does things differently, it’s a really good, capable tool too.

Anyway, I am hoping to get into making some art in Blender and in particular using it to make assets for my own video games. 3D-wise, I most enjoy polygon modelling.

For games, I’m learning another free tool, the libGDX framework using Kotlin, with the focus on Android. I plan to start with 2D games and at some point to start making 3D games too.

I figure a 2D isometric game might be a good intermediate goal to integrate some Blender artwork. I gather Blender has an isometric camera.

I find most things interesting and in particular I like programming (first and foremost), art, board games, and astronomy.

Favourite video game of all time: Civilization.
Currently addicted to: Plants vs Zombies 2.

I haven’t made my own games since my teens, it was just personal games, like a simple 100m sprinting game where you had a career, but loved it back then and I wish I had kept it up as a hobby. It combines a lot of my interests, and it’s never too late!

This is for hobby use, though I need to find a job soon. Ideally, programming in Kotlin, but I am flexible and have experience in other fields to fall back on.

I look forward to learning Blender, getting to know some of the folks here, and I hope at some point down the line I might know enough to be able to help out others.

PS I am a long-time lurker and especially enjoy the amazing artwork featured here.