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Here is the link where you can find useful tutorials about textures creation in Blender:


For those interested in RenderMan, we have constructed a Google site, forum and blog devoted to the coupling of Blender and Renderman compliant renderers. Several software developers are also members here as well as artists all contributing to this movement. This has been 2 years in the making and we are making great progress, come and check it out!

Blog includes links to open source Renderman related tools and content creation software, websites, commercial renderers (PRMan, 3Delight, Gelato) as well other renderers.


Ocean blender source file available.


Ran across this at a site that does primarily Flash training but apparently have entered into the Blender training market. The videos are basic intro and are the least expensive of any I have ever seen.

Blender Basic Training Videos


Here’s a doc I put together that lists Blender shortcuts for common tasks:

click here

it doesn’t cover the advanced features, just the basics.


Here are few detailed basic blender tutorials

B0010 - Lighting in Blender

In this tutorial we will look at the Blender Lamps in details. We will explore each and every option in detail.

B0009 - 5 - Vital Functions

Part 01 - In this multi-part tutorial we will learn about some crucial fuctions in Blender. We will talk about 3D Cursor, Adding Mesh to the scene, Draw Types, Object Modes, Selection Mode, Object Duplication and Edge Loops.

Part 02 - In this tutorial I will talk about Special Menu, Merging Vertices, Removing Doubles, Sub-Dividing Meshes, Center Points, Smoothing Object, Extruding Elements, Pivot Points and Proportional Vertex editing.

Part 03 - In this tutorial I will talk about Joining & Separating Meshes, Boolean Operations, Grouping Objects, Parenting Objects, Adding Faces, Bevel Command, Subsurf-Modifier, Mirror-Modifier and Select Linked operations.

Part 04 - In this tutorial I will cover the most fundamental building blocks of everything in Blender, The Datablocks.

Part 05 - In this tutorial I will talk about Spin Command, SpinDup Command, Render Preview Window and Camera Settings.

B0004 - Creating, Opening, Saving and Appending Files

In this tutorial we will learn how to create, save and append elements in a blender file.

B0003 - Blender Basics - Moving Around in 3D space

In this tutorial we will learn 3D navigational skills. We will also learn about the layers and Manipulation Modes.

B0002 - Blender Basics - Working With Viewports

In this tutorial we will learn about viewport customization.

B0001 - Blender Basics - The Interface

In this tutorial we will talk about the blender interface and preferences settings.


A short visual tutorial I had written for creating scenes for architectural visualizations and games. Uses AO/Shadow map baking and displaying them using GLSL shaders in 3D viewport or in Game engine.

Hope this helps…

#69 >> Aggregate of blenderhead blogs (including If you think there are blogs missing, do tell me. >> Place to work on proposals



I actually found a really good website for beginners so check it outClick Here
or just go to it is great for beginners and intermediate animators!


Hey all, Just wanted to add a link to the only place you can learn Blender LIVE on-line!
Not all the classes are free, but the ones that are will help you a lot, the ones that do charge are amazing.

How do I know? I made the site (with some help from many others).

Come By and sign up so you can get the updated class list with times and dates.
Then check out who is teaching…


Hi, I have a website where I post my studies with blender and interesting links and resources. Now I`m posting my first tutorial, here is the link and I hope you all like!



My free PDF e-book Fundamentals of Paper Model Design based mainly on Blender 3D that teaches the most important principles needed to allow you to design 3D paper models with Blender which is now in the updated edition 1.1 that comes in two versions: a low res version for monitor viewing and a high res one for printing which you can find in my place at Deviantart:

Or at my folder at Mediafire:


I`m starting this series of quick blender tutorials with cool tips


If you want pdf tutorials, then visit my blog:


CG Cookie has just released the Cookie Flex Rig as Creative Commons.
Designed for learning character animation, this fully animatable rig can be made into various characters through an extra layer of controls that let you set the height, body shape, clothing, hair and colours.
The rig features the familiar rigify style biped controls, as well as advanced facial controls. The shaders are set up for both Cycles and Blender Internal.

The Cookie Flex Rig was created by Nathan Vegdahl, Beorn Leonard and Jonathan Williamson, based on an initial design by David Revoy.…-rig-download/


I’ve spent some time setting up an FAQ for GPU accelerated rendering at this site:

It covers all the basics of choosing the right GPU, getting it to work and fixing stuff that doesn’t. It began its life in a thread in the Blenderartist forums, but grew quite a bit from there. It should be useful to all GPU assisted rendering really, but due to Blender Cycles only supporting CUDA and not OpenCL at this point, it is heavily weighted towards NVIDIA cards.


This is our first release of a Blender exporter for Ultimate Unwrap 3D.

Lights, geometry, materials, textures, UV coordinates, multiple UVsets, vertex colors, vertex normals, vertex weights, bones and animation can be exported from Blender.

The script was developed using Blender 2.66, so it may not load for older versions.
It supports armature-driven animation only.

If you try it out, please let us know what you think.

Download link:

Brad Bolthouse
Ultimate Unwrap 3D Developer


Hi All,

For any Blender artist looking to show off their animations on the web, we have a great tutorial for you - written by Igor Miroshnichenco.


Sample of the end result: